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Dec 15, 2002 06:48 PM

Battistas or Venetian Ristorante In Vegas?

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Keeping in mind the Mrs. is a pasta and red sauce person, so I gotta make sure she will be comfortable while I might want to be a little more daring, which do you locals recommend for Italian?

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  1. I was just going to ask about the Venetian Ristorante! I just saw the Las Vegas episode of "Best of ..." on Food TV and they mentioned Venetian. The pastas look divine and huge. I'd love to hear comments/reviews from the Chowhounds here.

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      Vital Information

      I'm no local, but I had a really great meal about a year ago at the Venetian. I've linked to my review below. I will warn that it is a bit on the pricey side and depends to a certain degree how much you appreciate "old school".

      I also saw a less than flattering review of Venetian in one of the LV papers recently, so maybe it is going a bit downhill. I know I would go back again to see.

      Also, even though Battistas was close to our Bally's home, I never tried it. It is certainly closer to the strip than the Venetian.



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        As you can see from my last name I know a little about pasta, my first choice for pasta is CAFE CLOHE excuse the spelling. It is at the sw. corner of Flamingo & Buffalo on west side of town. It is small (40 seats) and closed Sunday. Opens at 5pm. The chef is Piero Broglia, who has been in LV for over 30 yrs. Known mostly to locals. I also pick Ven. over Bat. If you go to the Ven. try the NECK BONE app.It is delicious and only on the Ven. menu. If you like Chinese go to China Town at Spring Mtn. & Arville, west of the strip. Try Harbor Village for dim sum on weekend mornings. Also Cathy House further east on Spring Mnt Rd.ENJOY LV it is becoming a great eating town.

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          My major problem with Harbor Village is the fact that is has been shut down at least twice by the Clark County Health Department. I also find the food very bland.

          1. re: Eric

            If ya are in the doentown area, you can try Chicago Joe's on 4th.

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            Vegas Guy -- to Paul C.

            Paul: Thanks for letting me know where Piero Broglia is cooking these days. I'm heading for Cafe Chloe ASAP. Goin' after the pasta matriciana -- haven't had his in years. Wasn't Piero the original chef at Al Glusman's "Piero's and founder of the Pasta Mia restaurants?" When I go to Pasta Mia at Flamingo and Arville, I still see pictures of Piero's kids on the wall and his name listed on the front sign as "chef," although he probably hasn't walked into the building in years.

            1. re: paul carelli

              Does anyone know if the Venetian Ristorante still exist and does it still have the neck bones?

                1. re: lvnvflyer

                  Thanks for the info ... wife loved that neck bones... too bad.

        2. There is nothing at all "daring" or adventurous about Battista's - it gives new meaning to the word "mediocre". Venetian is a better choice.

          1. What other places are you considering? Also, will you have a car? If you do, and do not mind a drive, try Mama Joes Bistro for Italian on West Lake Mead Blvd. (not to be confused with Lake Mead Drive in Henderson) or Pasta Palaca at Palace Station. There area also some additional excellent places off the Strip to eat at such as Wild Sage, Joyful House, etc.

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              We will have a car (Melanie) and Wild Sage is on my list. What do you recommend for Chinese, Eric?

              1. re: Chino Wayne

                Joyful House Chinese Cuisine at 4601 Spring Mountain Road between Arville and Decatur on the south side of the street. You may also want to try Rincon De Buenos Aires 5300 Spring Mountain Road between Decatur Blvd. and Lindel on the north side of the street across from Southwest gas in a shopping center. For Mexican, try Viva Mercados at 6182 West Flamingo Road at Jones on the northwest corner in the Smith's Food and Drug Center. As I stated before, for Italian try Pasta Palace at Palace Station or Mama Joe's Bistro on West Lake Mead Blvd. Also Grape Street at 7501 West Lake Mead Blvd. at Buffalo (in the Summerhill Plaza) is very good and has an excellent selection (75 varities) of wine by the glass. The menu is ecclectic with food ranging in price from about $7 for sandwhiches to about $20 for full entrees.

            2. The Venetian is so much better and if Mrs. Chino likes the red stuff, she'll love this place. Plan on smelling like garlic for at least two days.

              1. La Scala on Desert Inn is also wonderful. Classic dishes (my friend had a killer lasagne) plus some nice surprises (I had a whole striped bass that the waiter deboned and prepared tableside). Nice, reasonably priced wine list. Comfortable room. Definitely worth a visit. The link below is an old review, but it will give you a general idea.

                Cafe Chloe rocks, too!