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Nov 29, 2002 09:31 PM

Roasted Green Chiles....what to do with them????

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Today I went into a Foodway store off 1st av. close to downtown Tucson.
When I came out I noticed a guy was roasting green chiles in the parking lot.
I got a pound of them for a dollar.
Now......question is......besides putting them with eggs....what's the best way to eat them ???
I love their smoky taste. long will they I need to freeze them ??

If anyone has suggested uses.....I would REALLY appreciate it.
I hate to be so ignorant but.....I never really did much cooking and I'm paying the price appreciate your help.

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    Howard Christies

    You'll go through a pound before you need to freeze, but they freeze great. They will keep in freezer a few months easily. Peel them before freezing and keep in ziplock freezer bags. (Check the site below for recipes.) The Hatch Cookbook is a good place to start with simple, basic recipes. Green chile and steak go well together. When grilling steaks, sear one side and after turning, place a chile or two on top and finish grilling.


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    1. re: Howard Christies

      As a 23 year citizen of New Mexico, now in northern California, my best suggestion would be to bring those chilis out here to me!!! I won't have any problem taking care of them. The only kind we get here are the frozen ones.

      Green Chili Chicken Stew:
      Boneless, skinless chicken breasts (approx 2 lbsp.)
      Four medium carrots - diced fairly small
      One medium white onion - diced
      Cumin - to taste
      If the onion doesn't impart enough flavor, add 1 tbs. onion powder.
      1 tbsp. garlic (minced or the garlic from jars).
      Cilantro (if you like it - I don't)
      Cook chicken in pot with just enough water to cover.
      (I actually cooked my chicken in the microwave. It's faster)
      Use 1 can low sodium chicken broth (butterball)
      Saute onions and garlic.
      Add chicken broth and 1 cup water
      Dice chicken in small pieces, and add to pot.
      Cut green chilis up and add to pot.
      Add carrots and cook all until carrots are tender.
      Don't use chicken with skins even if you remove it. You would have to strain the broth.
      This recipe can be used with frozen green chili. I like to use one tub of medium, and one of hot.

      Good eating!!

      1. re: Dwight

        I've been away too long. While the basic recipe is o.k., I missed on the water. If the broth cooks down, you can add more than 1 cup. It all depends on whether you want it more soupy (thin) or thicker. Adding potatoes is o.k. I just don't like them when they get real mushy.

    2. You have bought a treasure. One recipe that I've done (this is from memory but it should be fine): Chop onions and garlic, cook in oil, then lightly brown pork cubes, add chilies, chopped tomatillos (chop after peeling off the papery skin), cumin, and water or chicken stock to cover. Stew for an hour or two and you have really good chile verde. Adjust quantities and seasonings to your taste. Adding black pepper is OK. It can be made with chicken as well, but pork is more sinful and therefore better. Serve with tortillas.

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      1. re: e.d.

        A couple footnotes: There are two reasons to roast the chilies. 1) You get that wonderful flavor, and 2) the papery skin peels off easily. Be sure to discard the chili skin. Otherwise you'll have transparent skins floating everywhere.
        Also, be sure to buy a tortilla warmer/holder (What is the right word?). Anyway, buy one of those insulated things that keep tortillas warm. When I moved to the Southwest, I just ate tortillas out of the bag (silly me). Then I realized that they are best heated over a flame or in an ungreased frying pan and put into the tortilla holder which will keep them hot, flexible, and moist through an entire meal. I would also suggest finding the best local tortilla makers for both harina and maiz tortillas. Local makers are usually much better than the mass produced supermarket brands out of Phoenix or L.A.

      2. I'd die without green chile. Try a green chile cheeseburger. Put a thin layer of chopped green chile on your burger just before you put your cheese on. The melted cheese holds the chile in place.
        Try chopped green chile and melted cheese on a hot dog, or a roast beef sandwich. Mmm. You can put chile on pizza, with pepperoni or ham/canadian bacon. I even put it in tuna fish salad, in place of pickles. I liked the other suggestions that were already posted, too.

        1. Stuffing them and baking them is a simple way of making delicious use of them. Lot of possibilities there. Try tucking some cooked chorizo inside them, sprinkling a little Monterey Jack cheese on top, and baking just long enough to melt the cheese. Even mashed potatoes work pretty well as a stuffing for them. You could also shred left-over turkey from Thanksgiving and stuff them with that if you have any.

          Freeze them if you're not going to use them within a few days.

          1. These are all really good suggestions. I would recommend chopping some up and mixing them in with baked beans. Green chile gives them a good, spicy bite to go along with the sweetness.

            Or, to echo Dwight, you could just send them to Maryland where the native New Mexicans of the Xochitl household will put them to good use. I miss the smell of roasting green chile!

            Enjoy them -- you'll so be running back to the store for more!