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Apr 6, 2002 07:27 PM

Albuquerque to Farmington

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Need recommendations for any place in Farmington, NM. Also what are some can't miss places in Albuquerque. Looking for some good local food. Thanks

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  1. Do a search on Albuquerque - way to much to go through. You might look for my "Can't we just all get along?" post on ABQ vs. SF.

    Farmington - I used to be an ADA there about 7 years ago. Nice town, not much in the way of eats. The best restaurant while I was there (since closed) was a place in Flora Vista (NE of FMN) called "The Trough", and it featured a cartoon of a pig in a chef's hat. Get the idea?

    KB Dillon's is a chain from CO (I believe), and it's decent downtown. Personally, I saved my eating for ABQ, and mainly went where the cops went, which was a mom&pop called Pancake Alley on Main street. You may see some poor and drunk folks, but if you can handle that you'll get decent food at a scandalously inexpensive price. Nice owners and staff.

    En route, you might stop into the Cuba Cafe in Cuba for cheap road food, or try El Bruno's Restaurant (Cuba) for NM food (not the greatest in the world, but what the heck, you're in Cuba, NM).

    For the real experience, drive out to Shiprock and have the authentic Navajo mutton stew at the KFC ($3.69 - and don't try to drive to Gallup with a bellyful!).