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Rosemary's Restaurant - Las Vegas

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Thanks to all of you who recommended Rosemary's Restaurant in Las Vegas. We had a wonderful meal there last weekend. The food was perfectly done and the service simply great.

Just wanted to let you know that on Sunday nights the bottles of wine are half price. This way we were able to try a more expensive wine with our meal and easily justify the cost.

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  1. I was also in LV on Sunday and ate at Rosemary's. As you said, the food was excellent and the staff was better than some of the Strip's 5-star restaurants. Also took advantage of the half-price wine and actually had 2 bottles for our party of four.

    Our party had:

    appetizer: duck salad, wilted spinich salad, and foie gras

    entree: veal chop, rack of lamb

    dessert: chocolate flourless cake, apple tart, Boston cream pie, hazelnut chocolate soufflé

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      New to Chowhound, but getting the hang of it.. so far, I love it.. Going to LV next week.. where do I find Rosemary's? Sounds like someplace I'd like to try. Also, we will be on the strip and don't like to travel to much, so what do you recommend there? thanks!

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        Hi Jean, Welcome to Chowhound! I went to the handy-dandy Yellow.com and found the address of Rosemary's. It's 8125 W. Sahara Ave. 702-869-2251. Just in case you haven't seen mentions of Lotus of Siam (fabulous Thai Food), it's in the other direction on Sahara (I imagine) at 953 EAST Sahara. 702-735-3033. If you enjoy Thai food, this would be a wonderful choice.

        Enjoy! Pat

    2. I have posted many times about this restaurant. I'd like to believe I know a little about this business (20 years)and to me, for quality, the money, ambiance, and service, it was the absolute best meal we had in Vegas. This husband and wife team are major league operators and deserve our business. Long live a quality independent restaurant operation.

      Glad you enjoyed it.

      1. A couple of months ago I saw a show on the food network showcasing various places and Rosemary's showed up. I took my boyfriend to vegas and off we went.
        I was extremely impressed, everything from the atmosphere to the wine list, was extremely well thought-out. This place is a living example of attention to detail. You and your dining partner are served at the exact same time for every single course. This was one of the best dining experiences I have ever had. The food was unbelievable. The flavor pairings were excellent. I cannot say enough good things about this place. Go here if you go to Vegas, skip Nobu and the rest of the overpriced, overhyped stuff on the strip.

        1. BINGO! Rosemary's is indeed all that, and most importantly, deserving of the support. It's always going to be a tough go for indie restaurants. The Jordans are way deserving of all kudos for what they have accomplished. They proved to be very smart when their Rio operation was set up as a separate entity. When that went under, it didn't affect their operation on Sahara, and if anything allowed them to focus. The results are indeed rewarding as the menu is a dazzler, and everything else about the experience is up to the level of the extraordinary food.

          1. I am new to chowhound and im loving it and I have seen many posts about this wonderful restaurant and I am going to be going sometimes soon for my first time as a Vegas local (sad i know). And I am planning on using the coupon and doing the lunch promo. Does anyone have good suggestions of what I should choose as my starter, main and dessert? I want this to be a good experience so I can sound cool like you guys when I talk about it in the future! Thanks a ton! :D

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              The highlights at lunch for me:

              Starter - Hugo's BBQ Texas Shrimp with Maytag Blue Cheese Slaw is one of their signature dishes. It is rare when one of these is not ordered for the table.

              Entree - if they have a burger go for it. It will be one of the best sit-down burgers you've yet to enjoy. Their take on the Monte Cristo is a big lunchtime favorite.

              Dessert - the goatcheese cheesecake is a signature one, but they've changed to a fruit sauce from their unique Scotch caramel sauce which I loved. The coconut bread pudding is killer, as is the lemon pudding cake.

              The prix fixe lunch lets you choose from any specials as well, so be sure to factor those in. If it sounds good to you, it will be kickbutt.

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                thanks so much! Im pretty excited. And I was also wondering do you have to buy wine? Like I said before im new to this whole thing so i don't really know the dining etiquette . THANKS AGAIN!

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                  No, you don't have to have wine. I don't drink, but have enjoyed many a meal at Rosemary's! In case you don't know, Rosemary's has Ladies Night on Wednesday nights, where ladies receive 50% off on their food bill - that's also a great deal!

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                    Rosemary's is wonderful. A little out of the way on w Sahara.
                    Nothing special store front in a strip mall.
                    Inside is heaven. Go for lunch-the best price.