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Mar 22, 2002 03:15 PM

A Little More Chicago in Las Vegas

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I've heard a report that a new snack shop in the Stardust, Bono's, features genuine Italian Beef sandwiches and Vienna hot dogs.

Anyone checked it out yet?

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  1. Several months ago, one of the Food Channel shows had a great segment on two partners of a Chicago Italian beef sandwich place. They coated the top (?) rounds with all sorts of heavy Italian spices, especially oregano and garlic, and either dry roasted it or simmered it - cannot remember and, of course, that's the most important issue - sorry. I think they cut slits in the roast and put the garlic cloves in them.

    I do know that the beef sits in the steam table in a highly flavored beef broth. For me, the bread would have to be fantastic and the taste would have to overcome the thought of basically eating a pot roast type item - not my cup of tea. Its not a prime rib dip for sure and can you get a good, crusty, brick oven Italian bread in Vegas?

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      BONO'S has several locations in the Vegas area.The owners are originally from Chicago, where they owned several beef stands. The beef they prepare is Chicago style both as to the cut of the meat, the seasonings and gravy.The bread is Gonnella flown in from Chicago.In addition to the beef sandwiches they serve Chicago style Vienna hot dogs with all the fixings including fries.For all us transplanted Chicagoans, its a little bit of heaven.So next time you are in Vegas enjoy a BONO'S beef or dog.

      1. re: paul carelli


        How does Bono's food compare in quality to Chicago Hot Dogs on Bonanza?

        1. re: Dave Feldman

          DAVE: Had lunch at Chicago Dogs yesterday. Compared to Bonos both serve comparable dogs (Vienna) but Chicago does its own fries rather than frozen, so the nod goes to Chicago for their dogs. As to beef, Chicago has its beef and bread shipped in from Chicago, while Bonos makes their beef in Vegas; ditto their hot peper relish. Bonos gets the nod as to beef.Next time your in Vegas look me up in yellow pages under "Attorneys" and maybe we can do lunch/dinner.

          1. re: paul carelli


            Haven't tried Bono's, but I'm with you on "Chicago" -- I agree the hot dog & fries are better than the beef sandwich. But I also have to admit I'm more of a dog partisan than an IBS-type anyway.

            And thanks for the invite -- I might take you up on it!

            1. re: Dave Feldman
              George Rothert

              I've only been to Chicago - and eaten Chicago Italian beef - three times, so I'm not an expert. I had beef at Bono's this week. Delicious. And the spare decore is a relief from all the glitz.

      2. re: Chuck

        Re: your quest for good italian bread - try Montesano's. I don't know if they sell it w/out a sandwich, but their Italian Subs are on the best bread ever - crusty on the outside and nice and flavorful and the tiniest bit chewy on the inside...yum.