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Mar 20, 2002 09:31 AM

Vegas wedding dinner suggestions

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Getting married in Vegas, July 2003, looking for a wedding dinner location for 40 guests, vast majority age 32 and younger (ecclectic cuisine OK), can be on or off strip, hotel restaurant or independent, looking to keep dinner around $50 pp, excluding drinks. We're going out there this summer to sample some possibilties. Curently on the radar I have:

Emerils ($65 pp/ wouldn't want to go any higher than this)
Market City Cafe

Any further suggestions or comments on the above? Food quality is top priority, then ambience, then geographic location/proximity to strip.

thanks a lot,

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  1. You may want to check Wild Sage Cafe. I don't know if they can handle 40 people but you may want to check. Wild Sage is owned by two former Wolfgang Puck Chefs. You may also want to check you Spiedini. They have a private room. The owner also has, at the same hotel, Oxo which is a steakhouse. I am sure both can accomadate you. Both have websites at and The menus are on line and you can take a virtual tour also. You cannot go wrong at any of these three.

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      I thought that Kiefer's (at the Carriage House) had closed.

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        I forgot to mention something about Wild Sage. Bill Clinton's roommate from Georgetown lives in Las Vegas. Clinton spent a lot of time here in Las Vegas during his two terms. When Clinton would come to Las Vegas, Wild Sage would do a lot of the catering. In fact, you can request the same menus that were served to Clinton.

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          We are getting married in LV in May, and checked out some options. One that hasn't been mentioned here, and is a very pretty space, is the Bali Hai, which is a golf club on the strip south of the Mandalay Bay. The restaurant/clubhouse is a Wolfgang Puck operation. They have a beautiful private room, with a patio, as well as a nice dining room. We did not eat there, but the menu looked good and interesting. It's a little bit less hectic than some of the strip places. If you use the private room, you can bring in a boom box, or other music.

          I have been to Wild Sage and thought it was good, but not as good as I hoped. I too would wonder whether the room could accomodate that many people.

          Rosemary's does do groups....we contacted them for our wedding, but the location was not convenient for us.

          Another on-strip option might be Mon Ami Gabi. I know that they have one small private room, but I don't know what other arrangements that they might make for a group. I think their prices would be in line with what you suggested.

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            As a LV resident I can reccomend The Four Seasons Hotel, I had our daughter's wedding reception there 12/31/01 and it was impeccable and they can handle 40.A second choice would be ANDRE'S at their downtown location on 6th street.Rosemarys is also an excellent choice, but is a 15 minute drive from the Strip, so it may be difficult getting all your guests there. PS. There is also an ANDRE'S on the Strip, but have not eaten there but should be excellent but may be pricy.

            1. re: Paul Carelli

              I have eaten at Andre's at the Monte Carlo several times. It is excellent (yes, and very expensive). It does have a private room, but not big enough for 40 people

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      torta basilica

      If food is a top priority, I'd look at Rosemary's - definitely well off the Strip, but you will receive an excellent dinner at or below your price point. Don't know if they do large groups, though.