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Feb 23, 2002 01:46 PM

Need help

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I live in the Calif.Bay Area but want to have a surprise Cinco de Mayo party for a family member in Tucson, with approximately 100 people. This is hard to do from here. I would really appreciate any suggestions for location, caterer and music.
Thanks for whatever you can offer.

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  1. For your party you might try The Rex Ranch, a nice upscale small guest ranch about 30 minutes due south of Tucson just off I-19 (about mid-way to Nogales). We attended a wedding there a few years ago with mariachi band, outdoor cocktails, big rose garden, wonderful dinner and great surroundings. Altho we didn't have 100 guests I think they might be able to handle that amount. Also there are new owners from when we had our affair but they seem to be very accommodating people. Don't hesitate to ask for references of other parties they have done.

    Sorry I don't remember the phone number but the Rex Ranch certainly has a listed telephone # and a website you can get thru

    Good luck.

    1. The Hacienda del Sol in the Catalina Foothills does parties and is a great location. I would suspect that they could do a cinco de mayo party with no problem.