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Feb 5, 2002 04:30 PM

Special Birthday dinner in Vegas--suggestions?

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My family is planning to meet up in Vegas last week of March to celebrate my father's 60th birthday (we're coming from all over the u.s.) We want to take my father out for a special splurge dinner, but because of his likes and dislikes, I'm having trouble deciding where. He's very picky, doesn't like anything spicy, and likes a good steak or fish (but when you're coming from Hawaii, fish anywhere else is never as good, according to him). Forget anyplace with foie gras or snooty service or loud atmosphere. After perusing this board, I've narrowed it down to Charlie Palmer's Steak, Delmonico's or Emeril's Fish House (I know, ugh, Emeril, but seems like the kind of place the 'rents would enjoy). Which one of these do you think would be more accomodating for his needs? Oh yeah, he's also diabetic, if that helps anything. A good wine list would be nice (for my brothers and I--my father doesn't drink, hehehe...)

I've never been to Vegas, but after reading these boards, I know where I want to eat (I definitely plan to try LOS with or without my parents--I frequent Sripraphai in Queens, NY, so would love to compare). However I'm also looking for everyday places that my entire family would enjoy. On my list I have: Kim Tar, Rosemary's, a few buffets (my parents are buffet freaks--I'll probably take them to Aladdin, Paris for starters, though they prefer the $1.99 places). Lindo Michoacon and La Mars doughnuts sound intriguing. One potential problem is that we're not renting a car. Is it easy to get around to all these eats via cab, esp for dinner? I checked the Vegas online calendar and it looks like there's a lot of conventions going on that week. We're staying at Excalibur.

My parents have been going to Vegas for years and years, and while they have their favorites for food and entertainment (they love to stay/hang out downtown with the rest of the Hawaiian crowd), I want to treat them to something different from their usual Vegas jaunt. Any additional tips, suggestions or advice would be helpful. Mahalo!

-Sunnyside Up
(visiting from the NYC boards)

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    Dave Feldman

    From the description of your father, I'm not sure Emeril's is right for him. The food tends to be spicy and very rich. I think Charlie Palmer's sounds like the right place if you want to go upscale.

    All of these places can be reached easily by cab, although it won't be inexpensive. If you like to drive, renting a car might be cheaper -- you can uusally find nice cars for approximately $20-$25 a day rates.

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    1. re: Dave Feldman
      Sunnyside Up

      Thanks for the reply. I thought the same about Emeril's too, especially the Fish House. Also, I checked out the menu at Charlie Palmer steak online at:

      I know this is just an example menu, but is it usually this small in selection? Would love to hear from others who have eaten at Charlie Palmer steak recently. Delmonico's too--I'm only maybe considering the latter because the rest of the family might enjoy the wider selection--we'd just have to steer my father clear of any rich and spicy stuff there.

      1. re: Sunnyside Up

        There is no comparison : Charlie Palmer all the way. Great room (much warmer and prettier than Delmonico's), wonderful food, and perhaps the biggest difference is the service. I found Delmonico's very snooty, where as the host and the servers at Charlie Palmer's were gracious, professional and friendly.

        1. re: Tom P
          Sunnyside Up

          Thanks for all your comments. I'm still wondering about the menu at Charlie Palmer though. Is it relatively small (on his website, it looks tiny), or is there a nice amount of selections? Also, I would love to know what you had there and what would you recommend. How are the desserts?

          1. re: Sunnyside Up

            The Filet with a side of mashed potatoes
            The Roasted Chicken
            The Apple crisp

            1. re: Chuck
              paul carelli

              I'm a 37 year resident of Vegas and for several years did restaurant reviews for a local magazine. Most hotels serve up good to semi-great steaks in their top line restaurants, i.e. C.P.'s etc. For special events may I suggest the following (1)HARBOR VILLAGE for dim sum in the chinatown center on west spring mnt.rd.(2)Sunday Brunch at Bally's very expensive $50 pp. but well worth it.(3)Birthday dinner at a top line restaurant. Your dad can have his steak and the rest of the party can enjoy something different. I suggest FRANCESCO'S for italian;ANDRE'S for french; AQUA for seafood; and PICASSO or RENIOR for great. Hope this helps.

        2. re: Sunnyside Up

          Never ate at Delmonico's - NYC buddies said it was great and I do respect their opinions. I did, however eat at Charlie Palmer and have posted a number of times on this site about it.

          Beautiful room, excellent service, top quality steak (filet) and side dishes. The Four Seasons Hotel is fantastic - total class - Very limited wine by the glass selection - limited menu, too. Typical high end steak house pricing.

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        Sunnyside Up

        I forgot to add--I'm also looking for great dim sum in Vegas. Somewhere the locals like to go too... How is Chang of Las Vegas (not P.F. Changs)? Any other recommendations?

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        1. re: Sunnyside Up

          I had excellent dim sum with cart service at Cathay House, it's located just past the small Chinatown that's on (I think) Mountain Spring Ave. It's on the right as you're leaving the strip.

        2. I live in Las Vegas. beware, Delmonicos is owned by Emeril. I have yet to find good dim sum. Kim Tar is defenintly worth the trip. However, do not expect a traditional Chinese menu. The food is from the region that borders Cambodia and has some French influence on the food. There is also a lot of seafood on the menu. For a steakhouse that is downtown, you may want to try the steakhouse at the top of Binion's Horseshoe. I prefer Viva Mercado over Lindo Michoacan (the ex wife of the ower of Lindo Michoacan owns Viva Mercados. the brother of the owner of Lindo Michoacan owns Bonita Michoacan.)Lamars is worth the trip.

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          1. re: Eric
            David Feldman

            Another advantage of Binion's is the chance for a cool view -- you are sitting atop the hotel in downtown L.V.

            I don't like Viva Mercados as much as Lindo, but the service is very friendly and some of the salsas are excellent -- definitely on eof the better Mexican options in LV.