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Feb 1, 2002 05:53 PM

Park City/Deer Valley Utah

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Does anyone have any suggestions of nice places to dine in either of these two places. We are staying near historic Park City. I haver never been there and wanted suggestions. I am with a group of eight people all chowhounds. This group plans vacations around food!

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    torta basilica

    Sunday Brunch at the Stein Erickson is good - especially if it's a sunny day & you can sit outside. We were less impressed by dinner there. Had a nice dinner at the Goldener Hirsch across the snowfield - fun bar. Was upset, though, as they used to advertise Salzburger Nocherl for dessert & they didn't make it anymore. Boo Hoo. Still a lovely dinner.

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      Try the restaurant at the Deer Valley Club. It was really delicious and very cozy. Goldner Hirsch is terrfic and I second the bar comments from a previous post. Great apres ski.

      1. re: SammyK

        The Riverhorse is excellent. Two wonderful restaurants across from the Silver Lake lodge (mid-mountain at Deer Valley) are Au Bistro Toujours and the Olive Barrel. Getting reservations is going to be a problem though. The Snake Creek Grill in Midway (by Heber) is supposed to be phenomenol. And the Sage Grill at Kimball Junction (the entrance to Park City) is excellent.

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          Just tried Wahso on Main Street in Park City. Wonderful wonderful decor. Very good service. Appetizers are out of this world. Entrees seem to hit the too many notes problem that plagues a lot of fusion cooking. Nice balance returned with dessert. Wine list is not prohibitive. Makes an excellent impression for special occasion dining in Park City.
          Also tried the happy (and much more low key) Chez Betty at the Copper Bottom Inn in Park City. Very happy much more low key experience. It seems to get consistently good remarks from both reviewers and local folks. For Park City, between these 2 and the Riverhorse Cafe, I think you have the strongest choices. Chimayo, by the same chef as Grappa & Wahso, is supposed to be interesting as well.
          Good eatin' to you!
          Best, AZ

    2. Not really the place for Chowhounds, I'd have to say. Tried Mercato Mediterraneo, bad service, so so food. Tried Zoom, ditto. Liked the new tapas place -- unfortunately, can't remember the name, but it's right next to Dynamite Dom's down at the end of Main.
      Taste of Saigon is one of the few I'd recommend -- but it's nothing fancy, just a nice little Vietnamese place. Mikado wasn't bad for Japanese. Morning Ray is very good for breakfast. I've heard River Horse and Terigo are good but they seemed pricey so we didn't try them.
      All these are on Main Street. Good luck!

      1. I found the dining in Park City to be quite pretentious, particularily with the Olympics going on. Second rate food and service at premium prices. However, as far as skiing cuisine is concerned, Deer Valley as some of the best that North American skiing has to offer. The Goldener Hiersh is cozy for an apri ski although seating is limited. The Snow Park Restaurant has an outstanding seafood buffet which has become a Deer Valley institution. Be prepared to give your credit card a workout, however.

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          I realize that I'm 7 years late to the post but... For restaurants in the Deer Valley Resort area I would say that the Glitretind at Stein Eriksen Lodge is probably the best around. This restaurant is also where the famous Stein Eriksen Sunday brunch is held. The Goldener Hirsch Restaurant located in the Goldener Hirsch Inn is also fantastic. There is a new restaurant under the direction of the Goldener Hirsch's head chef called Ticino Trattoria located in the Deer Valley Club. Back in 02 this restaurant was called Sai-Sommet. is a good blog post about Deer Valley area restaurants.

        2. I will be in Park City Saturday, any fresh suggestions? Thanks!