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Jan 3, 2002 07:42 PM

Road Trip: San Francisco to Salt Lake City

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Can anybody make some roadfood recommendations between San Francisco and SLC? I already know about Reno's great Basque heritage, but the timing won't be right for that, alas. Are there any other gems along I-80? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Finally a chance to provide some Reno tips! If you do pull off in Reno, you should know about a great Mexican place called "Betos", on 5th between Keystone and Arlington. Great authentic Mexican food, great burritos, great ceviche, very cheap. Also a place called Los 4 Vientos, on Casazza, a little Mexican place that has lot's of grandmas in the kitchen and a menu so confusing that it is almost impossible to order. Then there is Tony's New York Deli, also on 5th right off Keystone. Normally, if something not in New York says "New York", you know to avoid it--but I wandered into this place and the level of chaos and sweat in the kitchen, coupled with the huge, dripping, sandwiches, made me happy. My Aunt and Uncle, visiting from SEattle but originally from Milwaukee, said the the pastrami and corned beef was the best they have had on the West Coast, and they are very discriminating. If you want more on Reno, please ask. A fantastic little bed and breakfast is in Unionville (The Old Pioneer Bed and Breakfast), about half way between Reno and Winnemucca. It is in a town in a canyon with a population of about 20, you can be served breakfast and dinner, all food (almost all) is grown on their own farm, and the food is really wonderful. Elko has some great Basque restaurants (I ate in two, both were great), I was there for the Cowboy Poetry Festival a few years ago and ate very well. Have a fun drive!

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      Dave Feldman

      This is a great list, Renogirl. Thanks!

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        I live in Reno,have for 10 years, and I think that before you try any of the recommendation from Renogirl, it would probably be useful to know what kind of food you like. The places she recommends are really good food, but not the type of food that appeals to me. So, depending on what you like, I might add some different places.

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          You are right, Mtn.lvr, we should know what tastes we are dealing with. What are your favorite places in Reno? In my post, I offered up some unusual Reno picks, but have other favorites as well. I think, for example, that for higher end dining, the 4th street Bistro is first rate. What do you think?

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            Is it the Star Hotel in Ely?? It's been a while, but I remember a great lunch there. In the middle of nowhere just as you get hungry for lunch from SF. Can anyone comment?

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        Slight correction: the deli on 5th is called Bert's New York Deli, not Tony's.