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Jan 3, 2002 08:54 AM

Vail, CO Restaurant Recommendations???

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Hi all - just found these message boards today, after reading an article in Travel & Leisure, and I'm loving this place already! Can't wait to check out the other boards!

I'll be a first time visitor to Vail, CO in a few weeks, and was looking for some restaurant recommendations. I'd like to hear about fine dining as well as funky/casual dining! I'll be in Vail for 8 nights, so I'll have time to try a variety of places. A few places that sound good to me so far, just from looking over websites, are:

Montauk Grill
Beano's Cabin
Gore Creek Grill
Terra Bistro
Swiss Chalet
Campo di Fiori & Cucina Rustica (which is better?)

I'm open to any and all recommendations/reviews and thanks in advance!


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  1. There's a funky mexican place in Edwards, just a few (5 or so) miles west of Vail on I-70 called Fiestas. It tends to get pretty busy, but it's well worth it. They have a number of dishes that feature a jalepeno white sauce that is quite simply to die for! I recently had the seafood rellenos and they were fantastic. They serve a delicious medium hot salsa that's thick and chunky so it sticks to the chip but also has a nice saucy base.
    Shouldn't have any problem getting directions since most locals know where it is.

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    1. re: Maria

      Thanks for the heads up about Fiesta's - I made note of the name and will try to check it out while I'm there!

      1. re: Judi

        Campo di Fiori...nice room and better food;tr Minturn Saloon for Mexican, Kaltenberg Castle for Austrian and Swiss Hot Dog for killer brats. If you're willing to travel, Picasso's at Lodge at Cordillera is dependable.

        1. re: Quetzel

          Thanks for the recommendations. I've already got reservations for Campo, and am planning on Minturn too.
          I'm not too big on the Austrian food or brats though.

          I have a question you might be able to answer: do you know what the cost of Beano's Cabin is? I believe it's a fixed price menu, right?


          1. re: Judi

            I believe it is pri fixe at about $200 per person but the experience is prety neat, especially on a snowy eve.

    2. I spend alot of time at Vail, however I live in Salt Lake... Skiing is better here....Food is better in Vail. A few great places: Sweet Basil, The Wildflower, Ludwigs.

      Not Jean George or Daniel but good

      1. I spend alot of time at Vail, however I live in Salt Lake... Skiing is better here....Food is better in Vail. A few great places: Sweet Basil, The Wildflower, Ludwigs.

        Not Jean George or Daniel but good

        1. t
          torta basilica

          I love Vail, but feel some restaurants are very over-rated / expensive for what they are, but here goes:

          Bad First:
          Overrated - Michael's, Sweet Basil (have been to both 2X & give up)
          Tyrolean - horrible service & food not much better
          Beanos - I am mixed. For that much $$, I expected more

          Good for what they are:

          Italian deli at Golden Peak for lunch
          Wildflower in Lodge at Vail
          Alpenrose - very Austrian/Continental & cute
          Pepi's - lunch on patio on a sunny day & you feel like you're in Kitzbuehel! Leberkaese & a beer - heaven!
          Kaltenberg - is really fun & great beer / nibbles
          La Tour - 3 good meals there / 2 so-so
          Left Bank - ok
          Ludwig's - delicious / great service / limited menu / very expensive

          Don't write off brats & German/Austrian food. That's what Vail is all about - enjoy the atmosphere & dine on veal schnitzels, etc!

          Romantic Drinks at bar in Lodge at Vail

          Has anyone been to Larkspur? I'm kindof scared by it's location, but haven't heard good or bad.

          1. try:

            la bottega
            larkspur bar for burgers
            left bank-french(not a bad meal in 30 years)
            mai palace-chinese

            all are in vail

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            1. re: salad man

              Interesting. Salad Man's post is more than six years after the last one, but the restaurants mentioned are basically the same ones. Also think the mis-information about Beano's Cabin (six years after the posts above it's less than half the price quoted, although it remains overpriced) is interesting. It's obvious the posters had not been there.

              1. re: ddavis

                Interesting comment, but the only recommendation I see in salad man's post that's the same as those recommended six years ago in this thread is Left Bank.

                1. re: ddavis

                  interesting? why? are you bothered by consistency?

                  1. re: salad man

                    Not at all. All I was saying was that the only one that's the same on the list that was suggested 6 years ago is Left Bank. That's not to say that the places you suggested aren't long standing great places, only that they were not recommended six years ago in this thread.

                    1. re: eatco

                      eatco,if you will look again you will notice my question was addressed to ddavis'

                    2. re: salad man

                      My apologies. I misspoke. What I should have said is that most of the restaurants that were the subject of discussion six years ago are still in business and are discussed frequently in this forum, if not in this thread.

                    3. re: ddavis

                      One thing has not changed (IMO). Larkspur was my favorite restaurant in the valley then, and it still is today!

                      1. re: Gabatta

                        Gabatta -- I agree. Larkspur is our favorite, as well. As a matter of fact, ate there a week ago tonight. I'll post a review later this evening.