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Nov 14, 2001 06:45 PM

Venetian Italian - More info

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I'll be in Vegas mid-december, we are thinking of Venetian Italian. Yes/No?

Also, how far is it from mid-strip


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  1. I was there just over a month ago. Great place to *be* with the atmosphere and all that. Suprisingly inexpensive. Really enjoyed ourselves. Three of us ate a good-sized lunch and had three drinks each for under $40.

    Now, in terms of the *quality* of the eats: frankly, if the place were on Long Island it would still be in business, but no one would go out of their way to get there. So-so. I don't mean to be persnickity, but this wasn't particularly good Southern Italian. Frankly, that's hard to find outside of the NE.

    But, hey, you're in Vegas. The feel of the place is worth the trip.

    Oh, and the trip. It's a good 10-min. drive from the other Venetian on the Strip. But it's worth it for the atmosphere.