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Nov 9, 2001 09:58 PM

Another view of Lotus of Siam; other LV places.

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I believe I've read all the past few month's posts on Lotus of Siam. So I had to try it. Yes, the restaurant's good.

We had the minced sour sausage with crispy rice. In talking with the waitress, she suggested papaya salad with shrimp, not the crab - so that's what we ordered too. Both dishes were too spicy based on the spice level we asked for (mild 4.). My wife liked both dishes; I thought they were just okay, and somewhat disappointing based on my expectations after reading the glowing write-ups here.

We had #13, beef with garlic. Both of us thought it was outstanding. Absolutely delicious. We also had the grilled salmon with red curry cream. Also a winner. (Thanks, chowhounds for these suggestions!!)

For dessert the waitress (she was excellent, as were all the staff we encountered) suggested the deep fried bananas (they come wrapped like egg rolls with a honey coating). They were terrific. We also received two glasses of moscato to drink with this course. Nice touch!

Including a couple of large Thai beers to match the large portions of food, our meal was about $61 (including more than a 20% tip.) We'll be planning a return visit our next Las Vegas trip.

Our waitress knew LOS was written up somewhere, like chowhounds. A guy who was in a few week's ago (five straight nights apparently), had mentioned it.

What's not been discussed here are the adjacent restaurants. This restaurant is in a strange (to me) location. It appears to be in a predominantly Asian shopping center oddly called New Orleans Square. I'm only a tourist and I don't know this neighborhood, but where are the chowhound reviews for this area? The LOS was nearly empty when we drove up (7pm), but the Korean place next door was packed with a tourist bus. They advertise on their window, Bul Gogee and Kal Bee. Where are the reviews for this place or the Seul BBQ restaurant or the So Kong Dung restaurant or the Nature Charcoal BBQ restaurant or the Tokyo Japanese Restaurant or Komol restaurnat or the Peng Chinese restaurant? What's with the El Sinaloense Mexican Restaurant and Nite Club that looks so intimidating from outside?

Wanted to get to Rosemary Rest. after reading Chowhound reports, but decided to go to the Aladden Buffet instead. Meats here were excellent (always a surprise when that happens at a LV buffet), and we liked the Middle Eastern Selections (lamb kababs, dolmas, etc). Crab legs, a necessity now at these high end brunches, were satisfactory. They didn't have smoked salmon or turkey. They did have very good salads and vegetables (esp. grilled small onions, grilled mushrooms, and various greens.) Some good cooking in their dishes.

They say they make their own desserts (some places do not), but, sigh, after huge amounts of food, even the light desserts seemed too heavy to me. I'm turned off by their ersatz whipped cream that doesn't have the taste/texture of the real thing. (I'd rather spend the money and have a superb pastry in Lenotre in Paris Casino when I'm in the mood for a really good dessert.) The Aladden Buffet is about $22-23 per person, not crowded at all this weeknight at 7:00 pm. We both thought this buffet was better overall than Paris buffet and the Bellagio buffet.


We were looking for a good fast food joint to stop for a quick bite on our way to the L.V. airport. Time running out, we settled on Harlon's BBQ in the "D" section of the airport. Pretty good chopped meat (beef, of course)sandwhich. We were very pleasantly surprised, and even considering it's airport food, we'd go back to it again. (And we can be sticklers about our bbq.) Anybody here have a quick-stop and decent fast-food recommendation next time we're driving from the strip to the airport?

I appreciate all the good work people are doing in posting to the Southwest Chowhound's message board and providing travellers like me with important information. Thanks.

Paul Senior

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  1. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten around to eating at any of the other places in the mall other than the large Mexican place, which serves decent fish tacos.

    I've thought about doing a tour of the mall, but it just pains me to be so close to Lotus and not eat there.

    Have they changed the name of the mall? It used to be called the Commercial Center. I agree that some of the establishments are intimidating from the outside, mostly because they offer absolutely no glimpse of what the place looks like inside. And few places have menus outside, either.

    The supermarket next to Lotus of Siam, Korean owned, is an attempt to be a Pan-Asian market for the Las Vegas community. Unfortunately, the fresh offerings seem to be uneven, but it's a good spot to find Asian snacks and canned goods, at good prices.

    I enjoyed your comments about Lotus of Siam. You are the first person I've ever met that wasn't enthusiastic about the crispy rice w/minced sour sausage. I'll make it a point to try the beef with garlic, which I've never had. And next time, I urge you to try the sticky rice with either mango or coconut "ice cream" for dessert.

    1. We were in Vegas this past weekend and after reading all the posts here had to give LOS a try as well.
      We've had Thai food in many various cities over the last few years - from Boston to Honolulu - and we've got give to the Chowhounds.....LOS is the best (so far) of all the Thai places we've eaten. But not by as much as we expected.
      My wife and I had 5 (yes 5) dishes and managed to finish them all. I left more impressed then my wife, she had expected to be "totally wow'd", but left rather impressed anyway......
      Our strategy was to order several items we usually don't order and 1 that is a "regular" (Pad Prik King).
      The dishes that stood out - The curry with Jackfruit and Beef salad with Thai eggplant were very good. The Pad Prik King had a wonderful "first bite" and was different from any other we've tasted. The "heat" did not bother us at all - we requested a 7 - to the dismay of the staff....but we are chili-heads anyway so this didn't bother us.
      Overall, a very nice experience, the best Thai we've had...but not by much. We'll make it a "regular" stop on our travels...

      Oh yes - best name of a Thai Restaurant...
      In Atlanta - Thai One On Thai Restaurant...

      Good Eating....