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Oct 31, 2001 10:35 PM

Our dining experiences in Las Vegas

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My wife and I just returned from 5 days in Vegas. Here's where we ate and here's our opinions for whatever they are worth.

Lots of Chowhounds suggested Blueberry Hill for breakfast. We loved the pancakes, waffles, eggs and the service. But, we'd suggest staying away from their baked goods.

McCormicks and Schmicks was a handsome place with very good seafood. Good service and not unreasonably priced for the atmosphere and quality.

Charlie Palmer Steak was a beautiful restaurant with a great steak. Not cheap Chowhounds, but the steak was excellent. One sore point - if you want a single glass of wine, the very, very limited choices are terrible. This place likes to sell wine by the bottle. There's a dress code too.

Spago was nothing special - don't bother.

Rosemary's was without question the best restaurant we ate at in Vegas. Terrific little place with absolutely wonderful food, service, atmosphere, and very reasonable pricing. Try the luncheon specials - 3 courses for under $20.00! The lemon pudding cake is amazing. The BBQ shrimp with bleu cheese slaw, the pork chop, the Halibut were all wonderful, too. And, check out the most beautiful bathrooms this side of Bellagio. Great, great place.

Several Chowhounds mentioned this place and they were right on the $$. This place reminded us of some of the best places we've eaten at on The Big Island (Merriman's) and in Nappa Valley (Mustard's Grill).

Harbor Place in Chinatown was excellent. We had two terrific dishes - Lemon Chicken and Candied Walnuts and Shrimp. Both dishes are well-known in NYC, especially the mayonaised based shrimp dish, a real speciality item - these guys did a great job on these dishes.

Ferraros - a big, big disappointment. Party of 7 businessmen and women and only one person enjoyed the meal. Worst pasta and white clam sauce I've ever eaten and I am 56 years old. Forget this place! Recommended by Wine spectator - what a joke. Stick to Chowhound recommendations!!

Lotus of Siam - Chowhounds, I know you all love this place, but did any of you ever mention the heat these dudes lay on their customers. Hey, we are no wimps when it comes to hot food - we love it. But the suggested "3" strength was beyond our limits. We had to leave the shrimp and shredded cabbage and barely made it through the drunken noodles and minced chicken. Loved the sticky rice and coconut ice cream. We'd go back to other places in Vegas before this returning to this place - what can we say.

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  1. Chuck,

    I agree that Rosemary's is very good. Especially when you compare it to some of the high end places on the strip. I'm a big fan of their wild mushroom toast. I'll be there in February again and will try to get to Rosemary's.

    I urge you to try LOS again. You won't be sorry. Ask them to make things mild. I usually get my stuff at number 5 (out of 10) and have thought some dishes to have some serious heat, but I've never had a problem that a beer couldn't cure. Although my Mom ate a tiny bit of one of their roasted chile peppers the last time we were there. She turned so red that I thought we might have to take her to the hospital. :)

    I'm sure that I will be at LOS more than once the next time I'm in LV.

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    1. re: Mike C

      Do either of you know anything about the steak house at BAlly's? Read about it in the Southwest Airlines' magazine recently and it sure sounded great. For me, the epitome is Peter Luger's so everything has to be compared to that paragon of carnivorous ecstacy. Thoughts? Gonna be in LV in February. Wrote down Rosemary's as a must. Thanks.

      1. re: Roberta

        Roberta, here is a link to an earlier thread about LV steak houses. Didn't see anything about Bally's in it, but in LV if you go to an upper end steak place I am sure you won't be dissapointed.


        1. re: Mike Kilgore

          You're a good man, Mike Kilgore. Thanks for all that information. I think I may just give Bally's a try and then I'll "review" it for us Chowhounds.

        2. re: Roberta


          Sorry, I hadn't checked this post in a while. I hope that I've caught you before you go to Bally's Steak House. What follows may be an isolated experience that I posted about a while back.

          I ate at Bally's Steak House for a corporate dinner about two years ago. We had order several raw seafood platters to go along with everybodys steak. I'll attribute this to a bad oyster. I shot out of bed that night at around 2AM feeling like the guy in "Alien" who had the creature come out of his stomach. I have never been so ill before. I actually called my wife crying! I ended up calling the in-house doctor who gave me a shot of compazine. I couldn't eat a thing for the next day or two.

          I will say that I'm sure it was just one bad oyster or something, but it was an experience that I'll never forget and thus won't be returning to Ballys.

          There are a number of very good steakhouses (all expensive) in LV. I haven't tried too many of them. Many people say that Charlie Palmer's Steakhouse in the Four Seasons is the tops. Prime (possibly closed now) at Bellagio. Delmonico's at the Venetian, Smith and Wollensky on the strip. All of these should be pretty good!