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Oct 30, 2001 02:33 PM

Thanksgiving in Tuscon

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Am traveling to Tuscon with my spouse for T'giving week. Would love reasonable dining options, heavy on regional fare, and one nice place for Bird Day (turkey not necessary). Also, any suggestions on good places to sample tequilla?

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  1. Miamichow, avoid Ventana Canyon. Consider The Dish, Cafe Terra Cotta, Hacienda del Sol for Thanksgiving (I don't know which restaurants will be open). I know that Barrio Grill, downtown, has been notable for tequila choices and The J-Bar (the bar and casual restaurant attached to Janos you were asking about) also has selections of tequila. And it's a nice way to sample some of their fare without paying such a high price, by the way. Actually, the food at the Barrio Grill is not bad either, by the way.