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Oct 13, 2001 09:12 AM

Santa Fe must go places!

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I am a New Yorker with a desperate need for culture shock. So I'm off to Santa Fe next week. I follow chowhound in New York city but don't have a clue where the must go places are in Santa Fe. I enjoy the heat of green chilies.

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  1. If you will be staying somewhere with access to a grill, buy FRESH Hatch Chiles from vendor-trucks on the side of Cerrillos Rd. Take them home, char/peel them, and make a quesadilla with queso blanca and tortillas. Jackalope-also on Cerrillos Rd-has a small cafe which serves a good chile quesadilla and other small foods.
    Walk a lot, explore the city.
    Go to Espanola and stop at a roadside cafe. Surprise yourself.
    Drive the high road to Taos (out of Espanola). Stop at Rancho Chimayo for a drink or lunch.
    Find and attend a dance at a nearby pueblo. Enjoy your stay.

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      You might check down the board a little ways, if you haven't already done so - a lot of folks have posted on Santa Fe recently.

      Please feel free to email me if you have any Qs about SF or the area.

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        Sure we want to hear from you again, Erich! As you may have noticed, lots of us post lots! Please don't change the subject name though,unless the topic has seriously drifted away from the original. Communicate within the message itself. Have you got more Sante Fe food tips? Let's have 'em? Pat

    2. I'm from Philadelphia and just back from two weeks in New Mexico. My recommendations for New Mexico cuisine in Santa Fe: Old Mexico Grill (4 stars), La Choza and Thomasita's (3 stars). I also recommend the Second Street Alehouse, both for beer and great pub grub (although you may want to avoid the fish Taco - fish 'n chips is a much better choice). There's only one place to avoid - the Zia Diner!

      There is a good deal of controversy on this site with regard to mark Miller's Coyote Cafe. I have to report that the food and service were excellent. However, since dinner for two cost $150, that level of quality is to be expected. The cuisine is imaganinative, the decor controversial, and the clientele dresses like they are at a truck stop. I'm glad I ate there, but I doubt that I would return.

      I also ate at Rancho Chimayo, much recommended on this site. I found it to be of average quality, but there's not much choice if one is in Chimayo to visit the Sanctuary.