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Oct 9, 2001 12:36 PM

Las Vegas Convention Meal

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Hello SW Chowhounds....

I will be in Las Vegas for a convention, and am planning a small get together with around 10 people.

I am looking for someplace that is not too expensive, but good food. Most people are staying at the Las Vegas Hilton, or that area. Someplace in the vicinity will be helpful.

I have had successful dinner meetings in Chicago and Toronto in the past using the suggestions of the Chowhounds, so the pressure is on!

Thanks in advance,

Nick Manning

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  1. m
    michael (mea culpa)

    I'd say forget the meal and go to the Guggenheim Hermitage exhibit, near the Venetian, I think. Of course, Emeril et al. do have restaurants in town.

    1. Don't you know the correct answer to most questions about where to eat in Las Vegas is Lotus of Siam (g)?

      Seriously, in addition to the individuals who have made pilgrimages there, a couple of people have taken groups there, with positive results.

      You might want to scroll down this board and read the Lotus of Siam (LOS) threads.

      1. Without a doubt go to Lotus of Siam. It's just a quick cab ride from the LV Hilton. Located at 953 E. Sahara, 702-735-3033. Look about 20 posts down for my most recent LV trip review. If you look about siz months ago I wrote another review as well. Both detail meals at LOS.

        1. And it just so happens that the major hotel that Lotus of Siam is closest to is...the LV Hilton. You can get to the restaurant by turning right out of the parking lot and driving a quarter-mile or so until you hit Sahara and turn right. Without traffic, five minutes.

          1. Okay, I'll be sounding a bit like a broken record, but I'm weighing in with the LOS crowd based on my experiences there this last weekend. Two of three dinners in town for the weekend were at LOS, and I fail to see how they could disappoint in your case. The crisp-fried rice with sour sausage is culinary nirvana; order two portions!

            Close to the Hilton, unmatched food. By now, you should be getting the idea.