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Sep 28, 2001 01:07 PM

Santa Fe: Native American Food?

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We're going to Santa Fe in mid October for our biannual trip and I've always wondered about the apparant lack of places with Native American food. Is there such a thing? The only thing I've ever seen is the restaurant in Hotel Santa Fe, the Corn Dance cafe. Haven't checked it out yet. Can anyone tell me about that or any other place? Thanks...

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  1. We ate there a couple years ago- I remember especially a watermelon/chile soup (cold) that was as delicious and refreshing as it was surprising. My other recollection is of the warmth and hospitality of the staff. Everyone went out of their way to anticipate our needs. We sat on the patio, chatting with people at neighboring tables and enjoying the warmth and light. Across the street from the hotel was an incredible bakery. Around the corner and down the block is the trainyard, with a farmer's market to visit. Newly harvested Hatch chiles should be available, too.

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      Lynda Roberts

      Thanks for the info about the Corn Dance. It's on my list for next months visit. I've just always wondered why you don't see other native American restaurants around.

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        I think it's because all the best Native American cooks are so busy cooking for their relatives, they don't have time to open a restaurant!

        But seriously...try out the restaurant at the Pueblo Indian Cultural Center, in Albuquerque, for Native American food.

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          Thanks, Gena. Is that the center right off the West side of the freeway, sort of close to the Airport?

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            It's not really too close to the Albuq. airport--here are directions if you're starting from there: go north on I-25 to I-40, take I-40 going west, and get off on the 12th Street exit. Then go north on 12th Street about one block, and it will be on the right side of the street.