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Sep 17, 2001 11:03 PM

sedona, az chow????

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My husband and I are taking three days in Sedona.
Any chow suggestions?


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  1. About 5 - 8 miles north of Sedona in Oak Creek Canyon is Oak Creek Lodge (owned/operated by the Garland family. They run a very well known rug gallery that's not to be missed in town and a pottery/jewelry store up in the canyon.

    Food service is primarily for guests at the very rustic lodge who are there MAP (modified American plan). People who are not overnight guests are welcome, however, with reservations and provided there is room. There is only one seating (believe it is 7 p.m.). The menu is not lengthy but everything is done well with some things coming from on-site gardens (this late in the growing season, that can't be much). The wine list is good and fairly priced; no treasures but good choices considering where you are.

    A couple of things to note: unless you request otherwise they will seat you at a table with other guests; they place-card the dining room, mostly tables of four, a couple of sixes. Deuces, too. This can be fun/interesting if you are so inclined. I personally am not and often am there alone; quite content to read a book, eat leisurely and drink a bottle of wine.

    As I recall they open the dining room/adjacent living room early for cocktails. Great stone fireplace !

    This is an extraordinary setting, well up in Oak Creek Canyon, towards Flagstaff. You are "shoulder-to-shoulder" with the cliffs and are worlds away from the "commercial" Sedona. Even if you don't go for a meal, find this place and drive in to "see" the facility - its a group of rustic but nicely appointed log cabins; maybe someone will show you a cabin. You turn left off the road north and "cross" Oak Creek to approach the Lodge. There is no bridge but a paved concrete crossing point that usually has the creek flowing over. Don't let this intimidate; they know what they are doing, just drive across.

    My recollection is that they close for the winter around the end of October. Most guests stay a week at a time and book next year when thay are leaving. When I go I am "scrounging" for an open day as I am overnighting at about the halfway point between homes in Los Angeles and Santa Fe. I've only been able to get in about 50 % of the time and that's calling weeks in advance.

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      a brief addition to Bob's info on Garland's Oak Creek Lodge (282-3343). They are seasonal - the Lodge closes for the winter the week before Thanksgiving every year - reopens the end of March - first of April. Dinner is served at 7 Monday thru Saturday, cocktails (optional) served at 6 - either on the lawn or in the Lounge adjoining the dining room. The food is GREAT. Most important to know, outside of cocktails and wine, there isn't much choice. A set menu each night currently priced from $29 to $35 per person - home made bread, soup, salad, the main course with vegetables, dessert, coffee or tea. if you don't want the main course offered - the alternative is breast of chicken or a vegetarian main course - and this must be requested when you make the reservation. Like-wise, if you have any dietary restrictions, advise before you arrive, or you may be out of luck. Single couple seating very hard to come by - only 12 tables with seating for a maximum of 48 (and the dining room is more often than not filled) Also, don't count on seeing a cabin. They, too, are usually occupied. A photo of a cabin interior is shown in the office. and the Lodge does have a web site.
      And should you not be able to get to dine at Garland's you might check out Rene's, Dahl & DeLucca, Heartline Cafe, or Shagrue's Hillside in Sedona, or Jackson's Grill near Flagstaff.

    2. My husband and I fly into Sedona for holidays. The restaurant at the airport, up on the mesa in town is very good. Salads, Dinner specials, burgers and generally home style cooking. Also cocktails, pleasant informal atmosphere. Everywhere in Sedona has beautiful views, this one exceptional above town. The Alien drivethrough in town, a little kooky, but good shakes and fries, late night hounding. Also there is an Omelet house for great and many many choices for breakfasts.
      We also have had exceptional meals at the Enchantment lodge, one Thanksgiving to be exact, it was exactly that, enchanting. Pricey, though for Sedona @ $85.00 per, excluding drinks.