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Sep 10, 2001 12:07 PM

Want fine dining recommendation-Las Vegas

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I am headed back to LV in December with friends. We're looking for a recommendation for fine dining - i.e. Aureole, Picasso, etc. I've seen a sample Aureole menu and it looks fascinating. Aside from Lotus of Siam, which is already on our list for a meal, can anyone recommend their favorites and why. Thanks.

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  1. m
    Mike McClaskey

    Aureole is a winner. A great showplace (the waiters strap on harnesses and ascend a massive vertical wine cellar amidships), nice modern ambiance that has a bit of deco and Asian about it with a touch of whimsy. Outstanding service. The last time I dined there (about a year ago) we had the tasting menu with a variety of multi-layered unlikely American/French/(slightly) Asian fusion dishes. Great desserts with dramatic presentation all around. Very impressive with clients or as a special evening-out. Follow it up with Blue Man Group show at the Luxor and you'll have a topnotch evening.

    1. I can't recommend Aureole at all. Suggest you read my post from May.

      I can, however, strongly recommend Charlie Palmer's Steaks in the Four Seasons and I have heard great things about Picasso.

      1. I highly recommend Renoir in the Mirage. I posted a long report here back in July on our LV dining experiences and this restaurant is exquisite, both in food and in ambiance. The service is impeccable. We also visited Aqua and Aureole. Both are slightly less formal than Renoir, but the cost was approcimately the same.