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Sep 9, 2001 01:03 AM

J - ok, you wanted middle eastern...

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Yo! No kidding, for a change, Howie got it about right! You're looking for Middle Eastern....well, this place is a tad on the chow-side - paper napkins, very bright, only beer and so-so wine. HOWEVER. Tasty Kabob is indeed tasty. Very nicely done, sweet staff, owners very much present. I might fall inlove with any M.E. place West of the Rockies that actually puts a shaker of sumac on the table. Darn good pita for this part of the country, too. Gotta go back, it's a fairly long menu. (1200 block, Apache, northside betw. Rural and McClintock. Later. P.

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  1. Yep, I've eaten there and enjoyed it -- lunch, actually, several times. However, for this dining club thing, I decided to go to Cafe Istanbul. A little more formal, and they have belly dancing on Saturdays. Hopefully, the food is as good as it was the last time i was there, which was maybe 4-5 years ago! (Not a comment on the restaurant, just on my eating habits.)

    I'll let everyone know how it is.

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      Yep, this place is really quite good, though not necessarily 'authentic' I suppose. The appetizers were uniformally outstanding (though some a bit skimpy, while others were overly generous serving sizes), schwarma very good, a stuffed lamb special truly wonderful. Red snapper special was huge and delicious, perfectly cooked. Deserts also really good, and I'm not a desert fan. Baklava pronounced "the best I've ever had" by someone who eats this stuff all over the place and considers themselves an expert. For once, it was not horribly sweet.

      Cheap? Yes -- 8 people, 8 appetizers, 8 entrees, 4-5 bottle of Lebanese wine, 4 deserts, several lemonades, tax and tip = $300 total. Service was entertaining and just fine for a restaurant of this caliber.

      I'd go back here again, and I'm sure several people in our party would as well. Recommended.