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Jul 4, 2001 07:45 PM

Moving to Albuquerue!

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Hello everyone,
My name is Chris and I am 18. I will be moving to Albuquerue, NM in late summer, probably August into September. Just looking for some people that might be interested in talking to me about this town :)

Please contact me,


AOl screen name- gluk0se

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  1. Having grown up in ABQ, here were--and still are--some of my favorite eat spots: Saggio's for pizza (topped with green chile), UNM area; Frontier Restaurant for NM-style diner food 24 hrs a day, across from UNM; the original Quarters BBQ on Yale, near the airport; Powdrell's BBQ on North 4th Street; El Patio for New Mexican food--HOT red & green chile, near UNM. Los Cuates is also good, either location uptown (they are across the street from each other, kind of weird). One of my very favorite places is Townhouse on Central Ave., a sort of Greek/American place with lounge-y 60s decor. The best breakfast burrito is at Roberto's. There is also a great place to eat breakfast outside in Old Town on a little street behind the church, but I can't remember the name. Lotaburger is the best fast-food burger, especially with green chile. The NM State Fair is in September, so be sure to have Navajo tacos in the Indian Village. I would not recommend eating seafood in Albuquerque--you're in the desert, you know. Try scouting out the Nob Hill area, just east of UNM, there are a lot of interesting places to eat, browse, shop (Double Rainbow Bakery, Bow Wow Records, etc.). Also pick up a copy of the Alibi for happenings around town.