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Jun 25, 2001 04:01 PM

Corkage in Scottsdale area???

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Hailing from San Fran, corkage is an accepted, if sometimes expensive, option to a mediocre wine list. Having recently (last weekend) been in Scottsdale, was wondering how restaurants handle this as none of the restaurants we tried had a corkage fee printed on their menu (Mastro's and The Roaring Fork). Not bringing any with me (at least to the restaurants), I did not ask, but was wondering about the relative ease or general feelings that AZ restaurants have with this.

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  1. Oh, yeah, well welcome to the land of behind-the-times and the state of tack. My understanding is that it is a state law that forbids restaurants to allow patrons to bring their own wine. It drives my son crazy when he visits here from Palo Alto and wants to bring a special bottle to share when we go out. Many of the restauranteurs we 've spoken to about this sound opposed to this law but, if this was a majority opinion, you'd think they'd pressure our legislature to change the law. Oh, WELL!

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      Well, that kind of sucks, huh?? Anything to protect the distributors' markups I guess. Ain't big business grand??

    2. I'm not sure it's against the law because I know of two places that are BYO: Coup des Tartes and Cafe Boa. It's best to ask at the restaurant because it's generally not stated on the menu if they offer the option and how much it costs (corkage is something nominal at Boa...I think $10). I was also at a little Italian eatery in Phx, and when we asked, they were not at all opposed to us bringing in a bottle. Good luck:-)


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        In states where BYO is against the law, restaurants will often still allow patrons to bring in their own beverages if the liquor control boards are lax on enforcement...

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          As of June 13th 1998 "corkage" was made illegal in Arizona. The mentioned rests. Coupe de tartes & Boa do not have liquor licenses and thus are not violating a law. Mastros etc. should know better

          1. re: Mark

            cafe boa in Tempe does have a liquor license and should not be offering Corkage, Shame on them!!! Cafe Boa in Ahwatukee also has a liquor license and has done the right thing by listening to the AZ liquor board.

          2. re: Melanie Wong

            this is a risk that the restaurant takes.

          3. re: Jessica

            Which little Italian restaurant were you at that allowed corkage?

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              It is in fact illegal to offer a Corkage fee in Arizona if you carry a liquor license 7, in which most restaurants have. The few restaurants that do allow Corkage fee with a 7 license are subjecting themselves to losing the license enforced by the liqur board. They had better be careful.. Good luck and if you do not like it you can thank the AZ Liquor Dept.

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                Coup de tartes has no liquor license However Cafe Boa in Tempe does and they are breaking the law, There is a much nicer Phoenix, Ahwatukee location that has a huge wine list and unfortunately the Liquor board will not allow them to accept customers bringing in their own wine bottles. With the list they offer, you wont need to worry about it though.