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Jun 8, 2001 09:40 PM

Add Another Dish to Lotus of Siam pantheon

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I hope you are all proud. Have been in Las Vegas for 30 hours and have only eaten at Lotus once, and tried several old favorites, but also two I've never tried:
a red curry with pulverized, barely noticeable salmon, with assorted vegetables -- I thought it was only good. But the absolute stunner was sauteed jackfruit with minced pork, which is used as a binder, and virtually every fresh green herb known to humankind.

When Thai food is working on all cylinders, it's wonderful to see so many herbs pulling together, unifying a dish, against all odds.

I'm happy to report LOS is as good as ever. Tomorrow night, we're having a banquet for 16. Tonight, I'm trying not to go there for dinner, but the flesh is weak.

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