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May 28, 2001 07:00 PM

Yuma--Other Restaurants

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Three other spots in Yuma deserve mention. The Crossing is the locals’ favorite American food venue. It is certainly a good alternative to chains like Red Lobster or Applebee’s. I have not eaten here enough to critique the entrees, but they do have an extremely varied menu, good buffalo wings, and superb clam chowder (go figure). Don-Don’s, which is only open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, is the real thing when it comes to barbecue. Savory, wood smoked, real Southern Barbecue. Better than the barbecue Iused to buy from black churches’ fund-raising barbecues in Seaside, CA. Last, Chateau Basque features a multicourse feast, including fantastic pickled beets, superb soup, great blue cheese, and a salad and a zesty spicy stew and good bread and butter and we haven’t reached the main course yet. The restaurant is only open for dinner, prices start at 16 dollars, and there is no way to get smaller servings. The wine list is perfunctory, but adequate, I guess. If the entrees in general were as good as everything leading up to
them this would be a first rate restaurant.

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  1. Thank you! Thank you! I'll be in Yuma this Friday, and had already printed out your other posts. The barbecue place sounds great, and I'm going to keep it in mind for lunch. (heck, given the state of barbecue around Phoenix, if I end up driving back Friday eve., I may just stop there for take-out - take-home!)

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      Don-Don's may not be in the phone book here. It is located on 8th Street at the corner of 1st (or 2nd) Avenue. I don't know what time they open on Fridays, but they will be open for dinner (assuming that they haven't gone to summer hours or some other weirdness).

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        Thanks for the tips! I'll make a point of looking for it!

    2. Thanks for listing the restaurants. The Arizona BBQ Society will be in Yuma the first weekend of November, putting on an informal cook-off. If you are a BBQ aficionado and have a smoker or even a Weber Kettle, come join the fun. Even if you want to shoot the bull, smell the smoke and mebbe get a nibble, come on down. We're always looking for more members in Yuma. Check it out at Look for info on the Hickory Tree Forum on the website.

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        Thanks for the invite, though when it comes to bbq I'm more of an eater than a cooker. Also of interest to bbq lovers is Bubba's--a more standard bbq place on 4th Ave.--which is the major restaurant strip. Bubba's is really adequate and has a much more varied menu than Don-Don's. Don-Dons just has ribs, chicken, and sausage either as individual plates or combos. Still, if I was looking for the best tasting bbq in town, Don-Dons would be my choice. Please post more info about the event closer to when it will happen, and I will mention it to anybody I know who might be interested. Thanks.