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May 24, 2001 09:33 AM

Vegas Help Needed

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There is a restaurant in LV that was opened by former chefs at one of Wolfgang Puck's restaurants. I believe that it is off the strip and not located in one of the casinos. Does anybody know the name of this restaurant?



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  1. I have a gut feeling you are mixing this up with Rosemary's, which was started by chefs who worked for Emeril's. If so, it is located on 8125 W. Sahara.

    1. I realized I made a mistake this afternoon and just did a little research. I think the restaurant you were thinking about is Wild Sage, on 600 E. Warm Springs. Here's a little write up about it in's annual "Best of..." (see link below)


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        You are's Wild Sage. I'll be in LV this August for a few days. I've been in LV on business a number of times in the past two years and I've had plenty of opportunities to try many of the "name" restaurants in the casinos. While I've had very good meals at Le Cirgque, Napa, Emerils (just okay), Pinot Brasserie, etc. Frankly some of my more memorable experiences have been at LOS and Rosemary's. I've already made reservations for LOS, and now I think that I'll try Wild Sage this trip.

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