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May 16, 2001 02:35 AM

Phoenix near Heard Museum

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Help! I'm doing a show at the Heard Museum in Phoenix next month. We will have rehearsal till 6pm then a 1 1/2 hour dinner break. Is it possible to get to and get served at Roys in Scottsdale in such a short time?
If not, where could we go in the vicinity of the Heard Museum? I don't care what kind of place just good chow. The producer suggests the Best Western... Not in this lifetime.. Unless I hear otherwise from a bunch of hounds.

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  1. Scottso: It's impossible to make it to the Scottsdale Roy's from the vicinity of the Heard in the time you're allotted. If you had an extra half hour, you probably could make it to the much closer Roy's location in the Phoenix Esplanade, only 4 miles or so from the Heard (the Scottsdale Roy's is a good 1/2 hour drive from there).

    Given the time constraints, I'd say you should try something relatively fast nearby the Heard. I'd try China Chili's on Central Ave. at Osborn Road. Some of the best local Asian I've had in Phoenix, it's also quick and inexpensive (make sure you try the steamed wontons in a delectable spicy peanut sauce). Besides, it's only about two miles from the museum.

    Good luck!

    Bruce Farr