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May 9, 2001 06:43 PM

Royal India--Salt Lake City

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I gave this place a try last weekend and can enthusiastically recommend it. It's relatively inexpensive and the food is excellent.

My dining partner and I split orders of Chicken Tikka(a Tandoori breast meat dish on the Royal India menu. I think a thigh meat version was just listed as Tandoori Chicken on the menu) and Chicken Vindaloo. I think the Tikka was about $10 or $11 and the Vindaloo about $8 or $9.

The Chicken Tikka was served with cooked julienne onions, green chillies, and carrots. Absolutely delicious.

The Chicken Vindaloo also seemed well-prepared, but I just don't like Vindaloo dishes a whole lot and would probably skip it in favor of something else next visit.

Also had the basmati rice that comes with the main course, kheema samosas appetizers, and garlic naan. No complaints, all very good.

Royal India is actually in Sandy. 10263 S. 1300 East.

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