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May 2, 2001 05:16 PM

British Invasion at Lotus of Siam

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Clutching Dave Feldman's postings in one hand and a bullhorn in the other, I led 14 fellow British Consulate trade analysts to Lotus of Siam last week.

Rather than making any attempt to corral this lively bunch (we had just come from a cocktail party with a very open bar, if you get my drift), I relied on the waitress for help with ordering.

Here's what she brought:

-Isaan-style beef jerky (smoky, slightly sweet with lingering heat and delightfully chewy)
-Prawns with bacon wrapped in rice paper and deep fried
-Golden tofu (crisp exterior, silky smooth inside)
-Beef salad with fresh mint and basil
-Catfish special with shredded green apple and toasted cashews
-Beef in a spicy garlic sauce
-Whole pompano in tamarind and melon sauce-divine
-Giant prawns in tom yum (prawns the size of a chicken breast and so fresh they squeaked)
-Grilled salmon with red curry and cognac (sublime-we had people fighting over the sauce)
-Minced chicken with mint and basil

At one point the entire room was silent while everyone concentrated on their food. Absolutely brilliant meal and the only reason I can think I'll enjoy my return trip to Vega$ in September!

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  1. d
    Dave Feldman


    Those catfish and pompano specials sound wonderful.
    Never had a chance to try them.

    I had never had the salmon until my last trip to Lotus, er, Las Vegas. Isn't is spectacular?

    Although I'm envious beyond words, I am going to Las Vegas in June and mentally preparing for diving into the menu again.

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    1. re: Dave Feldman
      Alexandra Eisler


      Thanks again for the heads-up on this place. What a treat!