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Apr 11, 2001 04:10 PM

LV Mexican in the Shadow of Lotus of Siam

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Just returned from my nine day tour of the SW. The trip yielded only one notable restaurant experience. As Lotus of Siam was closed and we needed to leave LV for LA, we settled for La Barca across the way.

Wow. Not bad. Tecate cans topped with shrimp and a spicy salsa, chicken enchiladas made with just the right ammount of white crumbly goat cheese, Pozole that seemed a little thin at first but grew into a very strong and delicious soup. Attentive and friendly service. The two dining rooms, lined with soccer paraphenalia, are painted in a wild palette making any Border Grill design look like La Salsa. And reasonably priced -- $8/person

Oh and I did really enjoy fry bread dusted with powdered sugar at the top of Acoma Pueblo.

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  1. Siam was just closed at the time you were there, not closed for good? Right? I am going soon (May) and plan to eat there. It htat is correct, can you post their hours if you remember.


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      Oh no. I missed LOS because of my lame planning. They're still open -- can't remember the lunch hours but they open for dinner at 5:30.