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Mar 31, 2001 09:50 PM

Looking for great chow in Denver

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An associate and I will be spending 4 nights in Denver in Mid May 2001. Any recommendations for great places to eat would be appreciated. We are staying Downtown but will have a car. I am especially interested in some good, authentic Mexican. Nothing to formal or pricey. Also, any good brewpubs out there?

What cuisine is Denver known for these days?


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  1. Tosh's Hacienda has pretty good Mexican food. 3 locations: 3090 Downing Street, 5071 S. Syracuse, and 200 Jefferson Street. I've only eaten at the Downing Street location. The place doesn't look like much from the outside, but it's much nicer inside. It's near Downtown. So far, Tosh's is my pick for Mexican in Denver.

    La Loma is another good one. 2527 W 26th Ave. It's not too far from Downtown either. I've eaten at La Loma a few times and never been disappointed.

    Two more you might want to consider are:

    La Cueva at 9742 E Colfax Ave. Not the greatest section of Denver, so you may want to be aware of that if you're planning to go at night. La Cueva is picked by a lot of people as the best Mexican food in Denver. I haven't tried it, but I plan to.

    Another one I haven't tried is Julia Blackbird's at 3617 West 32nd Ave. It's supposed to be very good and with a New Mexican flair. I don't get to Denver very often, but this is one place I will be definitely be seeking out. New Mexican is my favorite variation of Mexican cuisine.

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      John Berendzen

      Thanks for the info, Joe: I visit them all and post my review!

      John Berendzen