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Mar 28, 2001 04:28 PM

Dim Sum in Vegas?

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On the Manhattan board, Ira Kaplan suggested that there was good dim sum to be had in Vegas. We'll have a car, so it doesn't matter where in the city it is, but please help me find it!!!

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  1. When I lived in Las Vegas I went to two places for dim sum: The first is Cathay House, which is on Spring Mountain Road, a couple of blocks west of Decatur. It's in a little shopping center and is maybe two miles west of the Strip. I forgot the name of the other place, but it's easy to find. It's in the Chinatown Mall (only Las Vegas would have a mall for a Chinatown), which also is off of Spring Mountain, maybe a mile west of the Strip. It's in the western corner of the shopping center, on the ground level, next to a Chinese bakery. Cathay House has good turnip cake, if you can get it while it's hot, and good shrimp purses. It also makes one of the few decent veggie dumplings I've had. The other place has a dish I've never seen anywhere else. It's a small pancake stuffed with a sweet orange paste. The combination of the warm, fragrant pancake and the sweet paste is exquisite. The catch is it's not always available. I would definitely ask for it. The rest of their stuff is good, better than the dim sum I've had in New York but not as good as LA or SF. Hope this helps.

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      Sounds great, thanks - turnip cake is one of my favorite things when cooked well, but far too many taste vaguely rancid. And the pancake at the other one sounds amazing.

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        If you're describing what I think you are, the orange-colored filling is yam or sweet potato.

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          One small correction. The Chinatown Mall is east of Decatur --- between Decatur and the Strip on Spring Mountain.

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            I had dim sum at the Cathay House and really loved it. We got a table with a nice view of downtown Vegas from a distance.

            We also ate Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) at the chinatown mall and liked it. I can't remember the name of the restaurant.