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Mar 27, 2001 05:33 PM

L.A.-Phoenix-Albuquerque- Chaco Cyn.-Vegas road tips?

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I am leaving on a nine day road trip loop from L.A. to Chaco Canyon and back through Vegas.

Please let me know of any worthwhile road stops. Not fancy just good.

Thank you

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  1. If you make it to Espanola (Just north of Santa Fe), go to a place called El Parasol. It is a little taco shack next to El Paragua restaurant. There is one main road through Espanola and go east at the intersection where the Long John Silvers is, I don't remember the street name. Get the chicken and guacamole tacos, you will NOT be dissapointed. Easy on the wallet to boot. A real locals place.

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      Irwin Hoffman

      For excellent New Mexican food and very reasonable rates in
      Albuquerque, look for Ramon's, N. 4th St, in the Northdale Shopping Center, or Padilla's, on Girard, near the Tennis Club at Indian School Road. The latter is always crowded so prepare to wait in line at meal hours. Enjoy!