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Mar 22, 2001 11:09 AM

Lotus of Siam Can't Misses and other Vegas ???

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Going to Vegas for the first time next month, and have planned two of our three nights there as follows:

Thursday - Picasso at the Bellagio (this is our big splurge meal). Comments?

Friday - Lotus of Siam. I've collected the various posts, and am composing a menu in my head, but if Dave F. or any other CH has suggestions on what we MUST order (keep in mind there's only 2 of us, and I can't eat crabs, crayfish or lobster), I would love your help.

Saturday is still open. Don't want to spend a ton of money, but would like to go somewhere themey, or tacky, or something totally Vegas-y that still has good food. Any thoughts? My traveling companion will have to have his arm twisted to do the buffet thing for dinner, but I'm open to it.

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  1. I moved from Las Vegas about a year ago, but while I lived there I used to go to the buffet at the Regent (formerly the Resort at Summerlin). It's not cheap - around $20 for dinner, less for lunch - but it has truly good food and is several steps above any other buffet in town. On one night, they jack up the price a few bucks and serve whole grilled lobsters - as many as you want. Since I've been there, the resort has been sold, so I'm hoping the food there is still good. One problem: It's located in the Summerlin neighborhood of Las Vegas, which is about 15 miles northwest of the Strip. If you have a car it's no problem. If not, it might be hard to get there, although the resort might have a shuttle you can take.

    1. Elaine,

      I don't think this site needs another post from me about what to order at L.O.S., although I know I'd feel somehow violated if I went to L.V. for even one day and didn't have the crispy rice with sour sausage, the barbecued catfish, or the sticky rice (with mango or coconut "ice cream"). If you like larb, ask for the Northern style, which is "wet." Fabulous.

      Not sure what your Saturday meal should be, but I do propose that you stop at the Peppermill Coffee Shop (located between the Riviera and the soon to be demolished Desert Inn) and have a drink in the bar, which is cool beyond belief. I also propose that you go to see Cook E. Jarr at Harrah's at midnight on either Friday or Saturday night -- there is no lounge act like it in the world -- perhaps for good reason!

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        Thanks very much. Cook E. is on my list! - we were priced out of Cirque de Soleil, but we won't let it happen with Cook E. Jarr!!!

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          No cover and 2 (lousy) drink minimum will bring you all the Cook E. you desire. Be sure and bring your sense of humor!

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        Andrew in Alabama

        >Thursday - Picasso at the Bellagio (this is our big >splurge meal). Comments?

        Get the wine supplement with the tasting menu. It will have some pairings you would never have thought of, and the sommiler will likely pay a visit to your table. He is young, energetic, and very interesting. Also ask for a table next to the window so you can see the fountains.

        After my meal, I went out on the little patio between Picasso and Prime and finished my wine. It was a wonderful Vegas experience.

        My meal at Picasso was truly one of the best of my life.


        1. You can't miss the buffet at the Paris casino. It's the best buffet ever- period. It features French food from different stations that represent different regions of France. There's a lot of seafood too.

          You shouldn't miss it!!