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Mar 12, 2001 08:59 PM


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listen up, you all! We have in our midst one fabulous restaurant, a relatively new arrival I'm bustin' to tell you about. Had a fabulous meal at LINEN, an independently owned upscale restaurant located in the Casas Adobes Plaza at Ina and Oracle. A newly renovated space (formerly Landmark Cafe) with indoor and outdoor seating, smallish indeed, beautifully appointed, low noise level, great service that was unobtrusive, and a chef from HEAVEN!!! He has worked at Charley Trotter's in Chicago, Ventana Canyon, and, I believe, Janos (not sure of that). It's moderatly expensive but such a deal!! I ordered the Chef's Choice Menu and had four fabulous courses with four wines to accompany each. (the bottles had not yet been opened and are brought to the table-my son, who ordered from the menu, was also astounded to see that the bottles of the wines he chose by the glass were also brought to the table). The meal with wine (chef's choice menu) was $75.00. Try getting that elsewhere in Tucson. We wound up comparing our meals to a meal we had shared at The French Laundry! Now that may tell ya something. Yes, we had a few little negative criticisms, but they were minor. Minor. I hope that those of you who can, will patronize this place. Oh, and by the way, the staff was really friendly and not at all pretentious.

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  1. Roberta: Thanks a million for the recommendation. I'll be in "The Ole Pueblo" next week on business and will try and eat at Linen. Is it new? I haven't heard a thing about it.

    I'm staying at La Paloma, where, as you know, Janos is now located, so I'll probably try and eat there as well. (I had a wonderful meal at they're old location, about 10 years ago.) Anywhere else you think I should try?

    Best regards, Bruce

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      Bruce, what kind of food are you interested in? We really have some nice choices these days. I, too, have had wonderful experiences at Janos, but I have some friends who refuse to eat there anymore for one reason or another, some feel it's way overpriced. It is a unique dining experience, however, and I admire Janos Wilder's palate so much. And, his new location at La Paloma is very lovely, very inviting. But, Linen is really different than Janos. Yes, it's new, maybe open about 6 months, maybe less even. Let me know what other meals you might like and I think I can help you out. (of course, as you know, it's always risky business recommending because there's always a chance it won't measure up-but I'm certainly willing to offer my preferences) By the way, the next time I, personally go back to Linen, I'm just gonna say, "bring me whatever the chef feels like serving me."

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        Roberta: Thanks for your reply. Given more time in your fair city, I'd ask for several recommendations. Unfortunately, I'll be there only three nights (and one is a must-show dinner at the hotel, YIKES!) Generally, I love to explore Tucson's Sonoran Mexican offerings, of which there seem to be far better examples than in Phoenix. One or two recommendations in that arena would be much appreciated. But I'm still intrigued by your mention of Linen, and, time permitting, may try it as well. Bon Apetit! Bruce

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          Well, bon appetit, wherever you dine. I have to tell you that I am not a fan of Sonoran Mexican food here ( you can check out dialogues on other threads on this bulletin board about it.) But, recently, per that thread, someone finally recommended a place I'm crazy about but it's really really informal and really really authentic. It's El Guero Kitchen, an open air grill at 5201 S. 12th Ave. way way in South Tucson. I'll tell you it's great! Many items to be ordered from a large board posted in Spanish (except for one word "very" in on item- who can figure???). ONe orders tacos, etc, etc, and they fill them with fabulous grilled beef (carne asado) or chicken (pollo asado)and other listed items. Then comes the real thrill, bins of grilled scallions , grilled jalapenos, avocado crema, radishes, cucumbers and great!!! salsas. Next time I go, I'm gonna order a burrito or two. They looked absolutely to die for , as the saying goes. People were friendly and helpful. Prices, well, you may imagine how reasonable they are. It's really out of the way from La Paloma alright, alright, but if you can get away for lunch, do so. Meanwhile, please let me know how your other meals go. Enjoy Tucson.