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Mar 6, 2001 01:52 PM

Scottsdale or Phoenix--Upscale

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I want to take good friends out to dinner at a good place, not too loud, but with excellent, food next weekend. We will be staying in Scottsdale. Have been to Christopher's and, while the food was good, the atmosphere was just too stuffy and overbearing. This was about five years ago. On that same trip we went to Vincent's on Camelback which was very good then. Is it still? Also went to Terra Cotta, but the noise level makes it somewhere I do not wish to return. Went to Roxand's for lunch, which was very good, but it doesn't look like a dinner house. Am I wrong? I am counting on you Chowhounds to help me out!!!

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  1. Finding good food and a quiet restaurant in Phoenix-Scottsdale is quite difficult. Michael's at the Citadel is a lovely place with good food but the din is very, very disturbing. The same goes for many other of the so-called better places here. T. Cook's is a lovely, quiet restaurant but the food has gone downhill. La Marquesa is quiet but pretentious and the food is not that good. These places are all way overpriced. I was at a small restaurant tonight that was so noisy that a conversation was impossible. Somehow I think the restaurant goers here equate a high noise level to the quality of the restaurant's cuisine. The Sixth Ave Bistrot is a nice little place where one can have a pleasant evening without having to suffer the high decibel level found in most restaurants and it has decent food, but it too can be quite variable.

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      Jeremy Newel

      Thank you so much for your response. I tried to get a reservation at T. Cook's and Medizona (could that have been the small restaurant that you mentioned without naming?) before I had seen your message, but could only get very early or very late times. Still looking!

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        No, it was a little ersatz Italian restaurant, "Casa Mia", in a shopping center. We went there on a recommendation even though I have tried stayed away from all so-called Italian restaurants here. Leccabaffi is given great grades but I found the food ok but the service poor, the noise level very high and with outrageous pricing. Medizona is on our list to try in the next few days.

    2. Dear Sir: The answers you have received all indicate the truth of what I have said in many places on these Boards. If you want 'up-scale', as you call it, Maricopa County is full to overflowing with 'up-scale' EVERYTHING. But it is short to the point of nonexistence on REAL CHOW, which means: Extraordinary eats (not good or 'gourmet'); comfortable ambience (not 'classy' or 'striking' or loud (of course); a FAIR price for the EXTRAORDINARY dishes; and a departure sensation of something near to delight at finding or visiting such a place. If you can find THAT in Maricopa County, please post its name and location on this Board. (I would start at the Yaqui village of Guadalupe south of Phoenix, though I have never been there.) At any rate, forget 'up-scale' in your search and look for Chow, Eats, Grub, in a setting that makes you smile with contentment. You have a long search ahead of you in Phoenix, The Land of Conspicuous Consumption amid Far Right-Wing Politics. With hopeful but baleful regards. Canon Fowler

      1. Jeremy: Hope we're not too late in getting back to your query. I'm a long-time Scottsdale resident and chowhound. Judging from your message, I would say you should try Rancho Pinot Grill, just off Scottsdale Rd. at Lincoln. Tom and Chrysta Kaufman do a splendid--nationally touted--job of serving excellent, inventive food in an atmosphere best described as "western kitschy" Noise level is moderate, but the restaurant is warm and inviting. Also, you asked about Vincent's. I happened to eat there last night, and found it just as good as I remembered it the last time I ate there about 4 years ago. Chef's duck confit, and signature souffles were out of sight. Good luck!

        Bruce Farr

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          Elizabeth Daly

          I have lived here two years--and have tried not enough but a few of the better known restaurants..many too expensive, and some too noisy--I liked T. Cooks. and Lons at the Hermosa...but, my personal favorite on all counts is Rancho Pinot Grill--wonderful people, excellent food, and raves all around....