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Mar 3, 2001 05:35 PM

Vincent Guerihault

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I haven't been to the Phoenix area in almost ten years. But, prior to then, I was going there regularly and thought V.G.'s on Camelback was as good at the time as anything I was eating in L.A.

I can't help but notice all of the lamentations from people who are moving to Phoenix and dreading the food.

Can someone please tell me what, if anything, is the current status of Vincent Guerihault's?


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  1. Bob: In another posting, I noted that I ate at Vincent's last night, so the experience is fresh in mind. Anyone who's lived in the Phoenix metro area as long as I have (20 yrs.)has to respect Vincent's longevity as a premiere chef. How many other local chefs have been around as long, and maintained as high quality an operation? His cuisine is still excellent, service top-notch. If anything has suffered, it's the ambience, which I find somewhat dim and dingy. (I think it's ill-conceived lighting.) At this time of year, he runs a weekend farmer's market in the narrow parking lot outside his restaurant. It's fun to stop there, have a coffee, and talk to some of the food purveyors who show up with fruits, veggies, cheeses, wines, etc. that you might not find outside a restaurant environment. All in all, over many years, I think Vincent has helped elevate the palates of diners in what some posters on this board think is an epicurean wasteland. He deserves a lot of credit for that, at least.

    Bruce Farr