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Mar 1, 2001 07:51 PM

LA Chowhound in AZ

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4 days in Phoenix/Tucson. I've read Jim's Tucson Report and have taken it to heart. For the locals, I'd love to hear thoughts on:

(1) Best Authentically Sonoran joint/best overall mexican meal; (2) best breakfast in both cities. (3) A gourmand's rendition/fusion of native cuisine, but somewhere a little more upscale for my finicky friend; (4) A place that's open on Sunday in Tucson. (5) Best restaurant in Nogales, if such a place exists.


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  1. A couple of ideas:

    Best Sonoran or Mexican: Los Dos Molinos or Los Sombreos in Scottsdale(which, IMHO, doesn't get enough touting on this board).

    Best SW fusion: Vincent Gutheieu (sp.) Not my personal favorite, but it fits your description and requirements for a upscale, and it is beloved in this city.

    Roxand also does fusion, but not particularly SW. Also for your consideration: Norman's Arizona and Roaring Fork. Both upscale, SW influenced, but not exactly fusion. Both are very, very good.

    1. You might want to read "3 nights in Tucson-where shall we eat" on this board. Buen Provecho.