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Feb 27, 2001 05:55 PM

Vegas virgin

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I'll be spending a couple of days in Vegas in early March. Have never been and need to know the best places to dine. Money isn't as important a consideration as quality. I need two or three places for dinner and would prefer if your suggestions did not include buffets.

I've heard great things about Lotus of Siam, Smith & Wollenskey, Aureole, Nobu. Any comments and additional recommendations would be appreciated.

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  1. Honey, how can you hit vegas and not hit the buffets?? That's downright criminal! But knowing you hounds, your
    request doesn't surprise me much. I used to be a dealer down in Vegas and back then the food was the last thing on anyone's mind (lol). The last time I visited Sin City - I did go out to S&W steak house and had a fine piece of meat and a wicked good salad! Other than that though, all buffets - hope I was some help sweetie!

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      A little tip from a local who lives here.

      Eat at the Grill at Smith and Wollsenskey----more informal,nicer venue than upstairs and you can stare out at the strip....we strongly suggest the Prime Rib,medium rare and a good single malt scotch..ha ha

      Dean Hughson,Las Vegas

    2. Just got back from Vegas last week. Strongly recommend Charlie Palmer's Steaks at the Four Seasons. Of course, if you have a car, Lotus of Siam is really worth the short drive.

      You really should try one of the buffets, though. While personally I hate buffets (pigs at the trough has always been my thought of them), they are quite impressive in L.V. Go to and look at the buffet rankings, just for the fun of it.

      We tried the buffet at the Paris, which was highly rated by others. Somewhat disappointing, however. While cleverly set up to show off various regions of France, most of the product, from bouillabaise from Provence, to braised pork chops in cream from Normandy, was less than thrilling. The cheese selection was poor, and the desserts were dull.

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        Jeremy Newel

        I was there last year and found Le Cirque, Picasso, and Aqua, all in the Bellagio hotel, to be wonderful and all different from each other. These are all high end places, you understand, but I don't think you would be disappointed in any of them. Circolo, for lunch was wonderful. It is somewhat connected to Le Cirque, I think. For myself, buffets are for breakfast only, and then, not if I can help it.