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Jan 31, 2001 02:23 PM

Bold in Boulder

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I'm relocating to Boulder, Colorado and enjoy innovative cuisine. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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  1. Tea House off of Broadway and Arapahoe.
    Alexander's Mexican (corner of Broadway and Arapahoe).
    "Advanced" sushi at Hapa on Pearl street.
    Get a loaf of Green Olive and Sage bread at Breadworks (Broadway and Alpine, north Boulder).
    Search around. Lots of other stuff I'm forgetting.

    1. Three Sister's Pantry at the Farmers Market on Saturday mornings- delicious veggie dumplings.
      Chez Thuey(28th and Valmont) is tasty, cheap Vietnameese food and the waiters will tell you the goods for the day-just ask.
      Siam Cafe has a great green curry(Broadway and Arapahoe) and a really nice woman at the register that answers any questions you have.
      Tra Lings is one of the cheapest and true-to-Asia- feeling, greasy, but tastes good Chinese restaurants(Broadway on the Hill)
      Boulder Street Cafe(on Pearl Street Mall) good bloody Mary's and oysters-you can sit outside on the mall and watch people as you eat there.
      Lucille's (on 14th Street) for good grits and pretty good Cajun breakfasts.
      Dot's Diner (Broadway on University Hill) for good, cheap, greasy breakfast. Their hash browns and their biscuits are tasty.
      Biggest and best desserts are at Walnut Brewery on Walnut Street. Their carrot cake has a porter or IPA in it that they brew on site, it's good.