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In New Mexico and where is it? I'm talk'in Chilies baby! I'm talk'in Pisole! I'm talk'in red sauce, green sauce. Yeah hear me! Put up or shut!!!

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  1. Larry, I can tell you are really passionate about this subject, but WHERE is the best New Mexican,eh??

    p.s. it's "posole"

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    1. re: roberta

      Dear Larry: There IS no best Mexican food in the entire state of New Mexico. (My mother was born in New Mexico Territory in 1893 when there was some best Mexican food there.) The stuff you are 'talkin' (sic) certainly does not describe good Mexican food ANYWHERE. Stop puffing virilely about it and try the small restaurant in Mesilla, just north of El Paso (or south of Las Cruces), if it is still there. Meanwhile, calm down, Sir. Good Mexican food requires a modicum of alimentary serenity, as does any outstanding menu. Canon Fowler

      1. re: Canon Fowler

        Canon said it !!!!
        However I did not see the name of the place in Mesilla referred to. I personally recommend Mesilla Valley Pastry Cafe, they have sausage enchiladas(breakfast) to die for and their coffee is outstanding. For a true New Mexico "experience" one must visit a place called Chopie's in La Mesa (very small town), don't let its outside appearance scare you (or the twenty or so Harley's parked out front) they have the best flat enchiladas around and great red and green chile sauce.
        Enjoy :)

        1. re: JP

          The small place in Mesilla is named El Comedor. Its still there

    2. Try the Range Cafe in Bernallio for breakfast. They
      have excellent red and green chile which they use
      on the eggs and blue corn tortillas.

      Chow down.


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        Irwin Hoffman

        Too many confuse Mexican cooking with NEW Mexican cooking, and there is a world of difference between the two (unless, by Mexican, you mean the food in the state of Chihuahua.) For the best New Mexican cooking, avoid place with mariachi bands. In Albuquerque, try the chicheronaria in Martineztown; or either of the 2 Garcias, on N 4th St. Likewise, Ramons, also on 4th, or Padilla's, on Girard. The Sanitary Tortilla Factory, downtown, is still excellent. For breakfast, menudo accompanied by Huevos Rancheros. If the menudo is good at the restaurant you've chosen, so is the rest of the food!
        Eat well.

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        1. re: Irwin Hoffman

          In Albuquerque: Everyone I know has eaten at Sanitary Tortilla Factory and raves about it, and I always forget to go there when I'm in town. Los Cuates enchiladas and El Patio burritos (with those potatoes on the side) are favorites for me, red and/or green chile, it doesn't matter. There is this place in SW ABQ--1st or 2nd Street?--where my sister gets all different kinds of incredible tamales for the holidays, but I cannot remember the name. My grandma makes the best posole, red chile stew, and biscochitos ever, but sorry, she doesn't cook in a restaurant! Of course, being on the other side of the U.S. doesn't help ME very much!

          1. re: Gina

            Sanitary is GREAT. the protypical chowhound place. how can they be so famous and still so good and honest and real? I just love everybody to death there; after a long afternoon spent eating my way through the menu, I feel like I have family there.

            The tamale place is the one in the HUGE building, not too far from sanitary tortillas, right? I can't remember the name, either, but it IS great. Man, wish I was there right now.


            1. re: Jim Leff

              Tamales at EL MODELO- and don't ya'll forget it!

              1. re: denise

                Bingo. Write that down, everyone. It's exactly the place you'd dream of finding in that town.

                Oh, if they could only somehow open a branch in NYC....

                1. re: Jim Leff

                  The chicharrones at El Modelo are also excellent. Keep in mind that it's not a sit-down place. You order at a counter, and eat at one of a few tables outside or take it with you. Yummy.

            2. re: Gina

              The restaurant you are probably thinking of is Barela's Coffehouse on 2nd. I also suggest Los Compadres and Duranes Pharmacy for Albuquerqe NM chile. I personally travel to Santa Fe to eat at Tia Sophia's. Not only is the food outstanding, the people there make me feel like I'm in my Grandma's kitchen!

          2. reading this board brings back fond memories of New Mexician Mexican food. used to love the posole at Ron's Camino Real .... was fond of Sadie's ... particularly when it was in the old bowling alley.

            1. Larry did ask about "new mexican" right up front, not about Mexican, so there really was no confusion there....

              Anyway, on to my comments.

              1. Sanitary Tortilla Factory is long gone. It had different name/ownership for awhile but is now completely shuttered.
              2. Excellent New Mexican in Albuquerque that still exists: Perea's on Central, Mary & Tito's on 4th, Garduno's (north valley location is best), Frontier on Central, El Modelo.
              3. YES, I said, "Garduno's". I've been far more disappointed by Los Cuates, El Pinto, etc, than I have been by Garduno's.
              4. Outside of Albuquerque: Chope's in La Mesa, Little Diner in Canutillo (somewhere in between Mexican and New Mexican).
              5. Green chile cheeseburgers: Bobcat Bite in Santa Fe, Buckhorn Cafe in San Antonio, Owl Cafe in Albuquerque and San Antonio, Horseman's Haven in Santa Fe (and Taste of Haven in Rio Rancho).

              My top pick all around for Albuquerque? PEREA'S. Love them:

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                I TOTALLY agree with what Tenacity said. I haven't been to Perea's since I moved back to NM, I look forward to it though. My favorite since moving back is Mary & Tito's on 4th, the red there is just like my mom's. Oh, also the buffet at National Hispanic Cultural Center is a great bargain with some stellar items. The biscochitos there are sublime! Chope's in La Mesa has the BEST rellenos ANYWHERE. Kathy's carryout in the SW valley has wonderful burritos and the Kathy burger may be the best in town.

                1. re: tenacity

                  I wish I had seen your list here. I went from El Paso to Albuquerque and was looking to eat good New Mexican food. I went to old town. But the place my wife and I ate at wasn't very good. I had just spent 5 years in Veracruz. I was in Albuquerque when I was a kid and remember the Sopapias (not sure of the spelling.) and green chiles. In Veracruz and all the places I have visited in Mexico except for Ciudad Juarez, I never came across a Burrito or a Chimichanga. However, I did eat nachos with American cheese once in a Theater owned by an American Syndicate in Mexico City. My wife prepares Totopos which are fried or toasted Tortilla chips.

                2. Ha! This thread sure is a blast from the past. One of my first posts on Chowhound, I think.

                  I agree about Los Cuates, they seem to have gone downhill. Frontier, on the other hand, was better than ever last time I was in town in December. Wonderfully flavorful, hot chile, and some of the freshest, fluffiest tortillas I've ever had. I brought a bag of El Modelo tortillas home with me, which were *almost* as good, and I'm still enjoying a huge batch of their frozen tamales.

                  I heard Ron's Camino Real closed fairly recently, too...I have great memories of going there as a kid, it felt like such a "grown-up" restaurant for some reason. :)

                  1. And as someone said already, it's "posole". "Pisole" would be somethign else entirely and I'll pass on trying the "pisole" ;-)

                    1. Amen and Hallelujah, tenacity!

                      Perea's totally rules. Perhaps my fave refrieds in this universe or any other. Everything else is exceptional...never a bad bite in many visits.

                      Los Cuates has never done it for me after 3 visits. No mas.

                      El Patio is decent. I'd go only if it were patio seating weather.

                      Every 'hound in ABQ MUST do The Frontier at least once (you will return). Tortilla soup with shredded chicken and a healthy spoonful of their warm green chile salsa is unbelievably good.

                      And I'll admit to being a huge Sadie's fan. Been enjoying their chow since the days when they were still in the bowling alley.

                      Mary and Tito's is next on the list. I'm working with a company based in ABQ and will demand we go there the next time I'm in town.

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                      1. re: GroovinGourmet

                        The place in all of New Mexico for new mexican food is in northern New Mexico. The restaurant is called Anhelina's in Espanola. You get real chimayo chile, both red and green.

                        1. re: Johnra

                          Its really nice to here everyone like Good New Mexican food I lived all over New Mexico. What I like about every restaurant i went to they all said they have the Best Red and Green Chile so you have to try it I was 8 years old when my Dad took me to New Mexico and I had my first try at it I was hooked.. Just rememeber they take pride in there Chile if its Red its because its cooked fresh everyday as for Green chile local is always the Best for me everyone on the block has a small garden when I say block its 5 acres.. I was in New Mexico in the 1960's so the food was really good Mom and Pop type restaurants The would be roasting green chiles outside making floor tortilla's. I'm sorry these restaurants are all gone but I have the recipes i would always ask how it was made and they were always nice to me..I'm sorry but California doesn't make good New Mexican food I thinks its to hot for most poeple and they will not enjoy it.. There are a lot of people from New mexico who live here in California and i think we are do the same thing we make the trip, pack our ice chest and take that 11 hour drive.. As soon as I get to Gallup Nex Mex I stop and get a Green Chile buger at Lotta Burger.. Then visit friends go out get my things like Greeen Chile, Red Chile, Beef Jerkey from this place Sunset foods it the Best .I like going to Padilla's I've known that family for many year's I wish some of the other place were still open if your ever in Los lunas there are still some good restauant just ask anyone who lives there everyone is so friendly. I leave at the end of the month for y Trip to New Mex time to stock up.

                      2. Chope's is everything it's cracked up to be. That said, the best single New Mexican dish I've ever had is the green chile stew at Martin's Capitol Cafe in Roswell. I order two bowls of the stuff. It's out of this world.

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                        1. re: Perilagu Khan

                          Is there anything specific that makes the stew so good? Or is it more a general firing-on-all-cylinders type of deal?

                          1. re: finlero

                            A general deal. It just works!

                            Asked them for the recipe and they told me to go to hell. And rightfully so! That recipe is a golden nugget.

                            1. re: Perilagu Khan

                              Green stew is very easy to make you have to have the right green chile and it has to be from New Mexico I make it all the time I make a big batch to last me all week. The next day its even better I pour them stew over my sunny side eggs I even pour it over my french frie's The next time you go there just look at everything thats in the stew make a list and have fun!!

                              1. re: geo119

                                I make a purdy mean green chile stew, if I do say so myself, but it falls short of Martin's. I don't know what it is about the stew at Martin's, but it is special.