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Dec 27, 2000 07:20 PM


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I am trying to find the recipe to Albandigas. Does anyone know how to make it. I have the recipe, but it is for a huge amount and when I try to convert it down, it does not taste the same. HELP!!!1

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  1. Tom, our rules prohibit posting the same message to multiple boards, so we've left up only this one.

    Here's the deal: albondigas (note spelling) means simply "meatball". it is made in virtually every spanish speaking country with the variety of methods that english speakers bring to meatballs.

    Tell us how they tasted the way you had them, or tell us exactly where you had them. Better yet, paraphrase your recipe for us (if it's copyrighted, please don't copy in the whole thing, it's illegal) and we'll try to figure out why it's not reducing for you.


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      I always order Albondigas whenever we go out for Mexican food. We like to refer to it as "Al Bundy Gas" for fun.