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Dec 19, 2000 09:23 AM


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I will be in Steamboat Springs over the holidays and would love to get some dining recommendations from fellow Chowhounds.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I can't remember the exact location of the place, but if you ask the locals they will know where to locate
    Double Z's B-B-Q. It is really good and VERY casual. Be forewarned that it has the potential to be very crowded and difficult to find a seat but it is very tasty food. I do recall that it is near the "actual" Steamboat Spring-it's across the street.

    There is also a really good Mexican place up in the village (blanking on the name-sorry!) that is very good. Lots of choices from the usual enchiladas/tacos to variations on the theme including elk sausage and homemade tortillas. It is in the clock tower village near the mini-market/liquor store. Definitely lots of choices in town too but I remember those.....
    Enjoy your trip-hope you have great snow!

    PS-If you want to shell out the cash-the sleigh ride to the Mountain top restaurant is great!! Beautiful ride up and great food but very expensive.......