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Dec 18, 2000 09:33 AM

Bellagio's LV restaurants/Olive and others

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Hi I am heading to LV for first time, later this week, and staying at Bellagio's. We have 81 year old mother on this trip so will be adjusting our eating habits a bit. (Will have to do some of the most recommended places (i.e., Lotus of Siam) another time.) So, my question concerns the restaurants in the hotel. I know we will do the buffet (her favorite kind of dining) and anticipate enjoying it, but we also have a reservation at Olive's? Any comments? Also, any suggestions about what is best for a lighter breakfast? We have tickets to "O" on Christmas eve for 7:30 I think.... just how early do you need to arrive at the theatre....trying to imagine timing a diner. Thanks for any advice or opinions.

Northampton, MA

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  1. Olives is a blight upon the earth: overfussy, pretentious, a mess. (In its dreadful new Park Avenue South location too.) If you must go there, treat it as a pizza parlor: stick to flatbread and salad.

    If the budget will handle it, try Prime instead, which has decent steaks, a great view of the dancing fountains and a sort of greatest-hits list of Jean-Georges Vongerichten's food, including the famous molten chocolate cake.

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      At the Bellagio, I'd recommend either Aqua or Prime over Olives. I particularly enloyed the tasting menu at Aqua. For a light breakfast at the Bellagio, go to Palio, its very nice coffee bar, and have a very good quality coffee with a knock-out sticky bun or other breakfast treat. Unfortunately, you will find the dining options in the hotel fairly pricey, but there are many alternatives right across the street, either at the Forum Shops or at Paris.

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        Thanks for the advice. And the tips about Olives. I have never been to the one in Mass but they get good press here. So hard to know what to do when visiting for a first time. Will check out alternatives for dining as we do not have the reservation until several days into our trip -- we can cancel and book some other places.

        You have all been most helpful.

        Happy Holidays to all.

        1. re: Barry

          Aqua is indeed a fantastic restaurant. A good sign before the meal was even served is I spotted Steve Wynn eating there. For those who don't know, he was behind most of the new hotels in Las vegas being constructed. What I also appreaciated is that someone with us decided they wanted to go somewhere else because they couldn't find anything they wanted on the menu I.E. they wanted a steak. The server graciously made it clear that the chef would not mind making a steak. The meal was incredible and that was the best steak my friend ever had(I tasted it and agreed).
          Heads Up! Make reservations way in advance before you ever arrive in Las can sit at the bar and hope enough seats open up there for your party which we did but people are eying those seats like hawks.

        2. re: Pepper

          I'm afraid that I must disagree vehemently to Maddy's post. My steak was horrendously expensive, overcooked, and the rest of the meal wouldn't earn a checkmark, much less a star.

          Dinner for three, including an awful and price-gouging wine (musta been 20 times wholesale) recommended by the waiter, came to well north of $300.

          Ugh! And attitude, too.

        3. Maddy,

          Do show up early (I'd suggest at least a half-hour) for "O." Let's put it this way: The show begins before the show begins.