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Dec 14, 2000 09:26 PM

Steakhouse experience in Tucson

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Been waiting and waiting for Sullivan's Steakhouse to open at River and Campbell. ( I am a devoted carnivore) Well, let me tell ya, I went and by the time I left I was exhausted from all the discomforts I encountered there. First off, met by a gaggle of young women at the podium, all ready to do their artifical high-pitched welcome and practically fighting over who would be the one to welcome. Do we really need such a high energy greeting committee? Okay, so then onto the bar where the volume of the music was so loud one could not have a conversation without shouting. Our drink tab could not be put on the dinner bill although we were allowed to bring the drink, just ordered, with us to the table. The maitre-d' tried to sit us a a huge banquette (we were a party of two) and, given the high decible music that continued into the dining room,and now the space between us, we'd never have been able to talk to each other. We did request and were given a more intimate table for two. The wine list (by the glass) was very shabby-we wound up having another bar drink instead!!! "Family-style sides" we were told. Yeah! We opted to split a steak (which came way undercooked. "Medium" came almost rare. (I was afraid to send it back, fearing a welldone result). The steak was presented on the bone (I like that) but not split for two-had to request that. The salad we also opted to share, we also had to split ourselves. The broccoli with hollandaise was cooked perfectly but the hollandaise was thin and very weak in flavor. We couldn't wait to get out of there and, as I said, I was exhausted from shouting across the table as we tried to visit. Me? For a great and expensive steak, McMahon's has it hands down. I can't wait to tell 'em about the non-competition across town.

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  1. I have found Sullivan's steakhouse (at River and Campbell) to be a great steakhouse. The young ladies' at the front desk were very nice and full of useful information on the restaurant. The bar is full of LIVE jazz music, EVERY NIGHT, which I cannot find anywhere else in town. The bar has a really upbeat fun atmosphere, and the jazz band (with a great drummer)is awesome! If Roberta wants a boring bar, GO ELSEWHERE...this place is great. As for the dining room, it also has a high upbeat attitude that is great for an awesome dining experience. The steak is the best I've ever had, I recommend the NY strip. I also would suggest the tequila-lime shrimp appetizer and the augratin potatoes for a sidedish. Add to that an awesome ceasar salad and a chocolate brownie for dessert and it spells success for me. Sullivan's steahouse comes with a high recommendation from me! Go in and try everything, it's all great....and be ready for a great time!

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      Krista, there's something for everyone. Did you happen to catch the review of Sullivan's in a recent Tucson Weekly?