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Dec 9, 2000 10:50 PM

help!will i starve in phoenix?

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business trip there in march...please!!!!!recommendations...mexican,salvadorean,asian,real food...?barbeque? no chains,theme,destination joints...many thanks in advance

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  1. We've got tons of Phoenix threads, including all manner of tips. Just browse through this Southwest message board index, they're mostly very well marked. If you have any specific questions about any of those messages, just chime in.


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      jim..thanks for advice,,and to all chowhounders..thanks for recommendations,,trip is in about 10 days and will gladly report back...this looks like adventue after all...

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      thomas springer

      pasta brioni in scottsdale, caffe boa in ahwatukee at 51st st and elliot rd, two perfect places that aren't chain restaurants. check em out.


      1. Happy to help. Where in Phoenix are you staying, and do you have a car? Any particular price range? Are you looking for places appropriate for business dinners, or for your own enjoyment (regardless of the atmosphere).

        Sorry, but I can't agree with the recommendation for Caffe Boa. Haven't been to Pasta Brioni.


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        1. re: Jeanette

          don't know yet where i'll be staying, but somewhere in city along camelback seems logical-price range-i'm trying to avoid those sort of overpriced "continental" restaurants of yore that keep popping into my head from previuos visits, several years ago...
          so, food wise-anything peculiar to phoenix,like regional mexican, central or south american,southwest originals, even good places for breakfast(here i cheat-pancakes with REAL maple syrup would be a must)-if there are any asian -towns, like chinese, vietnamese,korean,-southwestern barbque? (but please, no roast armadillo-just kidding)and, seriuosly, any local fish from lakes or rivers(not likely, huh?)-
          and lastly, yes, a good steak house for 1 nite splurge-
          the trip will be about a week-
          and many many thanks for your thoughts and suggestons-

          1. re: adamstoler

            A list of some that I think you should consider, in no particular order. The Roaring Fork (SW, upper-end though reasonably priced considering, highly recommended). Norman's Arizona or Medizona (I'm not overly thrilled with these, but they are very popular. Both the chef's personal mix of SW with other cuisines, Medizona concentrating on Mediterranian. I know it sounds weird, but apparently it works for many, many others). Havana Cafe (cuban and very good). Los Dos Molinos (a real must, but remember it's HOT mexican food). Veneto Trattoria (Venitian style Italian, which is quite different from N. or S. Italian). Leccabaffi (Italian). Cafe Istanbul (in Tempe, Middle Eastern). House of Tricks (Tempe, very good romantic, sit outside). Mahlee's on Main (better than average Thai in a pretty restaurant, again try to sit outside in the courtyard). Barmouche or Tarbells (same owner, the former is more like a fancy french cafe. I like them both). Acqua e Sale (Italian, getting raves lately, I'm looking forward to trying it). Carlsbad Tavern (New Mexican and hot). Seafood Central (seafood, very good, but no atmosphere).

            Fresh caught seafood - yes, we DO have it. Drive out to Saguro Lake Restaurant. The view is gorgeous, and the drive is nice as well. The food (esp. lunch) is quite tasty) They also have boats you can rent by the hour quite reasonably. Well worth the trip.

            Enjoy yourself.

            1. re: adamstoler
              *@* oink oink!

              Pasta Brione....Ray's Pizza <Best Pizza in AZ)...Thai Lahna...Jewel of the Crown....AZ88....Phoeng Hoeng(sic)....
              .Giligin..<just for the "halibot")........all in Scottsdale..except thai lahna....In Tempe ...Healthy Vietnamese <Try the spicy tangy veg soup it rocks)...Casey Moores Oyster House....Haji Baba's.......Greasy Tony's...Forget all the """chef""" places.......

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            Canon John C. Fowler

            Yes, you will starve in Phoenix, without my help. The million or so people there have had their taste buds removed. You must drive to Tucson for dining (220 mile round trip, 2 hours each way. Sorry.). For breakfast eat cold cereal with milk in your room. For lunch open a can of (only) VAN KAMP'S Pork & Beans (put a spoon and can opener in your bag) with Zesta saltines (all others are trash). But DINING WELL requires the trip to Tucson. Phoenix was accurately described long ago by Westbrook Pegler this way (he said it of Los Angeles, but it applies equally well to Phoenix): "If the earth is ever given an enema, the syringe will be inserted at Phoenix." Vulgar, I'm afraid, but apt. A lifetime in Tucson, with regrettable but necessary trips to Phoenix, taught that to me, and to all other Tucsonans. Little has changed. With kind but frank regards, Canon Fowler