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Nov 7, 2000 11:31 AM

phoenix chow

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Based on a close reading of the preceding posts and conversations with a clerk at the Hermosa Inn,I have made reservations at Los Dos Molinos, Lons, and San Diego Bay. I need one more recommendation for my last night, a restaurant that is unique, fun and/or funky, and won't necessarily break the bank -something akin to Jacques Imo's in New Orleans. Any thoughts? Also, fellow hackers, if you could play one round of golf at any course in the area, which would you choose?

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  1. Unique, fun or funky, huh?

    How about The Melting Pot. Two locations -- one in N. Scottsdale, the other a new location in Ahwatukee. Fondue, believe it or not, and very good. Romantic, two hour dinner. Not unreasonably priced when you consider all factors.

    I'm surprised you were able to make reservations at Los Dos Molinos. I didn't think they took them.

    Some others for consideration: Norman's Arizona, Medizona (very hot right now), Veneto Trattoria (Venitian style Italian -- not available in many cities and very good. Well priced.).

    My first choice, however, this time of year, would be House of Tricks in Tempe. You Must Sit Outdoors. The food is wonderful, though not necessarily unique except in its quality and quantity. The place is special. Take my word for it.

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      you are correct, I found out today about Los Dos Molinos- will go there early thurs. and hope for the best. House of Tricks, huh? how far from phoenix? tell me more about Medizona also.

      1. re: scott

        I agree with Medizona. It's very good, and worth a try, if you can get reservations. Then there's also Convivo (in Phoenix) which, despite being in a strip mall, has wonderful food. Also, Michael's at the Citadel (No. Scottsdale) is quite good, except for maybe the desserts. Coup des Tartes (Phoenix) has very good food, too. Another suggestion is Roaring Fork (Scottsdale). I'd recommend all of these to anyone.

        Los Dos Molinos is VERY good, VERY hot New Mexico-style food, if you like that. I usually get the flautas, which are one of the two least hot items there. The carnitas are also excellent.

        1. re: adlai

          all of adlai's suggestions are very good. Convivo is lovely, and terrifically priced for the quality, but I wouldn't have thought of it as funky or fun (as you requested). Coup de Tartes is BYOB and very nice, and some might consider it 'funky and fun.' Michael's is sensational, and the prices reflect that. The views are marvelous, and it's a classy place. Roaring Fork is more fun and funky, in a Western way.

          House of Tricks is in downtown Tempe, 15 minutes from Phoenix (tops). Parking a bit of a problem, but not a huge dilemma. Sit outside, with mismatched china and silverware, imaginative and well chosen menu and wine list. Reasonable. A great date or group place. I've never known anyone to be disappointed in this treasure.

          Early thursday night should not produce a long wait at Los Dos Molinos. And you can sit outside on the lovely patio and drink your margarita. Enjoy your trip to our town.

          1. re: Jeanette

            jeannette et al,
            I thoroughly enjoyed san diego bay, house of tricks, and lons- thanks for all of your help. an acquaintance also took us to the famous door where his buddy omar the exec. chef made a delicious crabcake. the restaurant actually has an interesting retro ambience which doesn't feel too contrived and makes cigar smoking, martini slurping, and steak eating seem natural. ciao,

    2. Pasta Brioni