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Oct 11, 2000 10:20 PM

Where to eat in Tucson

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Roberta said:

>Oh, McGrath, Keuken Dutch deserved to die. It was
>pretty awful, especially in it's death throe
>days.Ghini's is good. My favorite is the imported ham
>sandwich on thickly buttered bread-oh my! Laverna's is
>great for atmosphere and a workingperson's A.M.
>stoke-up. Yeah! Where else do you like to eat?

I say:

There are lots of places that I'd like to try, but don't have the time or $$$ (or both). Here's a few that I do like:

Buddy's Grill: Had a really decent filet there, and the sides were more than good. I'm a sucker for good sauteed baby vegatables.

Ventana Canyon Resort: one of the best brunches I've ever had.

Firecracker Grill: inventive asian/continental cuisine. Want to go back but haven't had a chance.

Cafe Terra Cotta: Nouveau southwestern. Maybe it's been oversold, but I do enjoy my meals there.

Others I've already mentioned on this list: Tork's, Lerua's, Cafe Poca Cosa, Cafe Pacific.


Kingfisher: Dry fish is not my idea of good fish. More atmosphere than good food. Blah.

One's I'd like to try: Nonie's, Elle, Jonathon's Tucson Cork.

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  1. Oh, yeah! The Ventana Canyon Sunday Brunch is so fabulous! If you're gonna blow major calories, this is a place to do it. I have twice now started my gustatorial trek by eating dessert first!!( Imagine, a whole room devoted to just desserts!!!)The wait-staff seemed a little put-off, but, hey! it's my "nickel".

    I haven't been very impressed by Elle, mainly by their treatment (or lack thereof) of pancetta in their dishes. (funny what'll turn a person off) They never cook it (I know it's prepared already, but it needs a little sauteeing or browning to change the texture from flabby to crisp) and I hated to put it in my mouth.

    Another fairly popular restaurant here is Pastiche which I personally also don't care for because I think the chef(s) have no clear concept of what they're doing with the food and the flavors don't compliment each other. Kind of muddy, if you will.

    Now, how about Vivace? That's consistently excellent and , word has it, will be moving into the space currently occupied by Terra Cotta when they move into their new digs on Sunrise. Daniel Scordatto is the chef at Vivace and he can turn out some wonderful food. Also you might check out Amereno for an Italian treat-located in a very out of the way stripmall shopping center at 22nd and Sarnoff. There's a real Mama in the kitchen and the "kids" seem to really enjoy serving up her food.

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    1. re: roberta
      Dominic McGrath

      I've been meaning to try Vivace, but I hear their specialty is veal and my girlfriend won't eat it (we try to both order something that we both will try). I'm sure I'll get there someday, most likely on business.

      1. re: Dominic McGrath
        roberta learner

        Well, as I recall, the only veal dish there is osso bucco (which can be tasty if you eat veal and many of us have been turned off to it for obvious reasons) BUT that shouldn't prevent you from having wonderful shareable dinners anyway as it's easy to avoid. The only other caveat is the filet served with some mushroom redwine reduction that I found totally cloying. (It was the first time that word REALLY had meaning for me). Otherwise I've had consistently good food there. (Sometimes I order the sauteed spinach, asking for extra garlic, as an appetizer, by the way. And,they have a fabulous tiramisu for dessert.