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Oct 9, 2000 11:33 PM

Dining at the bar in Las Vegas

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It looks like some people are already planning on places to eat in Vegas for Comdex. Since I'm going alone, is there any places that are single-diner friendly, perhaps dining at the bar? Somewhere with a good wine list, but not necessarily phone-book sized. Not snobby or too dark and romantic. I don't think buffets are considered single-friendly, if you get up for seconds, someone is liken to clean up your table and give it away! Thanks.

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  1. Panoz,

    On the contrary, there is probably no single-diner-friendly city in the U.S. than Las Vegas. Every restaurant in the city is used to serving single diners (they serve many solo gamblers, including high rollers). I wouldn't worry about it at all.

    Of the high end places, Nobu and Aureole are two places with bars that are particularly welcoming, but frankly I would just choose the places you would visit if you weren't alone.

    And on the contrary, buffets are extremely single-friendly (and a great place for people-watching, even if usually less-than-optimum places to find delicious food).

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      Dave is right. I've been everywhere from Napa to Lotus of Siam, Nobu to Aureole, Picasso to Renoir to Drai's to Le Cirque as a solo diner, and I've never had even a ghost of a problem.

      If you do need to get off the Strip, though, and unlike Mr. Feldman you don't see yourself eating at Lotus twice a day for a week, do investigate Las Vegas's one-mall Chinatown, on Spring Mountain Road about five minutes from the Strip. Kim Tar is a great Chiu Chow noodleshop, and the Shanghainese place is as good as anything in Manhattan's Chinatown.