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Oct 6, 2000 12:19 PM

P'O'd at "Bet of Tucson" Ratings

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Did anyone, other than myself, feel let down by the Best of Tucson Chow Ratings in the Tucson Weekly?? I sent my ballot in, but no one seems to share any of my ideas. All the pics were bland and bad. If anyone reads the list online, please don't take it too seriously!

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  1. "All the pics were bland and bad"

    It's the standard fate of "reader's choice" surveys. And, for that matter, of Zagat. The same old obvious places, whether they're good or not, whether they declined five years ago or not, live forever in the popular esteem. It's not enough to accumulate opinion. You've got to find the right people to provide those opinions.

    Take a look at our NYC, LA, SF, Boston, and DC boards and you'll see that these boards have the power to attract the serious hounds. There are tens of thousands of 'em out there in Tucson; all we've got to do is find ways to steadily draw them to this site, their natural habitat, and get them to compare notes. At which point, your delicate chowhound sensitivities need never again be assaulted by reading mass surveys.

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Thanks, Jim.
      Your evangelism is certainly contagious. This site is very helpful for those of us in the food writing industry.

      1. re: Jim Leff

        Shelly, I can remember one year, maybe about 12 or so ago, when the favorite Mexican restaurant voted in by the readers was, (ARE YOU READY FOR THIS???) TACO BELL! I nearly died laughing and then I nearly died realizing where the hell I am living!!!!

        Do you think these polls reflect a certain lack of, shall we say, sophistication here? Well, at least TAco Bell hasn't been mentioned since that I know of. Take heart-we still get good restaurants, undeserving swine that we are.